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    – Possibly finished new outworld. I might add it late Sunday night along with testing and updating to 1.4.7.


    – Updated to 1.4.7 along with several plugins.
    — I was forced to switch from RecipeManager to CookBook. While CookBook isn’t quite as feature rich, we still have all the recipes we had previously and without the issue the prompted me to originally switch from CookBook to RecipeManager.
    — There’s a fix in WorldGuard for item frames being knocked down by arrows.
    — Removed iChat due to CommandHelper fix that I was waiting for. It allows me to format chat myself! This could open up possibilities to add icons/colors for mini-games or other things. We could even make donors have an icon instead of a color due to overlap with other groups. Yes, we should be able to have people in two groups now and I can control which color they get.
    — We can now add display names and lore to items with CommandHelper. eg. shotgun can be named “Shotgun”.

    – Created a new supergate with Nef. Turns out my block update detector doesn’t work when the chunk unloads, so I had to build in a reset using the DHD button — it’s not just for show now!
    – Imported the outworld I had worked on, and configured everything to work as desired. Created a Stargate at 0,0 so it’s easy to find.


    – [PVP] Added a chestspawn for sumo that upgrades knockback after 1 min. Found a bug where chests spawn on start even when set not to. Fixed it.
    – [PVP] Converted dyed armor to the new cleaner method in CH (supports other itemmeta like display names and lore!). Found a major bug that breaks enchantments when there’s itemmeta in the item array (which by default is every item array… sigh). Had to code a workaround for it until it’s fixed, but that means we can’t enchant dyed armor or name enchanted weapons yet. Not so clean… yet.
    – [PVP] Added an “edit” subcommand to /arena. It supports only kits for now. When you run “/arena edit guardian kit 1” it will give you the kit for team 1 in guardian. Then you can “set” it when you’re done.
    – [PVP] Used new edit subcommand to resave kits with new inventory array. Had to resave a couple times due to previously mentioned bugs until I figured it all out.
    – [PVP] I think I figured out why PVP was getting stuck running and fixed it.
    – Probably fixed the issue where moderators were getting flight mode randomly in survival. (it was a change in CommandBook update)
    – Another attempt to fix the supergate redstone getting stuck because the chunk unloads. This time I’m running a redstone wire from the button over next to the repeater that gets stuck. It’ll update that repeater. It’ll still get stuck, but it will unstick on next use.


    – Worked on the terrain in Frog Park.
    – Updated WorldGuard, which now has a flag to disabled vine growth, which I immediately applied to Guardian so that I could remove the stupid string everywhere. Heh.
    – [PVP] Added chestspawns to edit subcommand.
    – [PVP] Updated CommandHelper to fix the issue with item meta. Now we can name items, give them lore, add text to books, color armor, and set skulls.
    – Added “/display [name]” to name items in hand. This is primarily for arenas but could be used for dungeons and stuff. You could do this with anvils before, but now we can automatically spawn these items and it supports color codes. (eg. “&a”) I added names to the items in Guardian.
    – [PVP] Added ‘denydrop’ setting for arenas so that we can configure certain items to not drop on death like armor. It accepts item IDs.
    – [PVP] Added ‘teamcolor’ setting so that PVP messages can color names based on which team they’re in. I demonstrated this on Guardian.
    – [PVP] Setup Bomberman with an arena. Pretty basic, so I stuck some mob spawners in the center columns.


    – [PVP] Moved The Pit into the park.


    – Moved the Zoo into the park. Still waiting on some animals to be shipped in from their homes. A few of the hostiles ones have been causing trouble and breaking out of their cages, it could take a while to get them all wrangled. Until then, the Zoo structure is in the park. You can enjoy the excellent architecture and layout by Fredwaffles & TrulyAnnoying.


    – [ZOO] Skeleton, Zombie, Spider, Cave-spider, enderman, ghast, wolf, mooshroom, cow, pig, ocelot, squid, blaze, wither skeleton, zombie pigmen, creeper, slime, magma cube, silverfish, bats, chicken, sheep


    – [Park] Moved a frog into the park, and added a secret related to it.
    – [Park] Added a secret “cat” cake.
    – [Park] There’s now a giant bat looming over a pvp arena.
    – [Park] Removed the whale to make room for fish.


    Anyone wishing to follow my code changes can do so here: https://github.com/PseudoKnight/FinalScoreMC/commits/master

    I really want to move this update log (among other things) over to a blog category.


    – [Park] Added a lot of little secrets to the park, including two minor (5 coin) cakes and triggers (buttons/detector rails) of awesome
    – [Park] Started adding lore to the park (So far that includes: Sunken Ship, Lost Captain & Skypiea)


    – They finally updated the nether portal plugin to be compatible with the lastest craftbukkit, so I turned it back on.
    – Added a simple dev world map so we (I) can keep track of things better.
    – CTF is fully functional in PVP script, but there’s some edge cases I want to address and I want to add more feedback.
    – LogWatch was updated finally, so I put that back on for moderators/administrators. http://dev.bukkit.org/client-mods/logwatch/


    Let’s see, lots of stuff… All of it [Park] within like the last week or so:

    -Expanded Winter area for future “adventure cave”
    -Added desert biome paths to guide to more things
    -Moved PvP Jungle Tree to fit in more
    -Updated Coder’s Inferno to have Lore Pieces and fit into the growing story of Frog Park (recommend doing Coder’s Demise first, which has 4 lore pieces).
    -Added a Trampoline (thanks to froggerooh)
    -To get to said Trampoline you have to enter the secret Game Room
    -Added secret Game Room
    -Added game controller (xbox 360) then changed it to NES Controller to better suite it’s purpose (can you find it’s secret?)
    -Moved KIDSPLASH!!! into the park (/warp kidsplash) A new course based on Sonickid76’s and others’ ideas.
    -Plans to remove the Giant Chest & it’s secret from the park (find it whilst you can!)
    -PK got Narrows CTF running, 6 player minimum
    -Chicken’s Cake (near connect4) has better hint to help you get to it.
    -Moved new Spleef arena into the park, though it is not yet finished.
    -Froggerooh & asdialed have begun serious work on the “scavenger hunt”
    -Added a “DOOOOM BUTTON” thanks to Froggerooh

    I think that’s all of it.


    I’ve moved warps over to our own script so that I can make improvements on its functionality. For now I’ve kept the basic command structure, but you can also access the warps list by just typing “/warp”. Furthermore, it now categorizes the different warps (main, park, and dev) so that they’re easier to read and find what you’re looking for. It also has an improved warm-up and it tells you if the warp doesn’t exist before it tries. Later I want to combine warps with pvp lobby warps.

Viewing 13 posts - 76 through 88 (of 88 total)
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