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    Dec 18th
    – Finished up the survival Christmas tree.

    Dec 19th
    – Added craftable snow! Two snowballs side-by-side will return 2 snow layers. (i went back to my original value so people can’t replicate the process to dupe snow) You can then place them on top of each other in the world. Four or more have a collision box like a snow half-slab. (it looks a bit glitchy when you stack them, but that’s client-side prediction that I can’t control unfortunately)
    – In order to prevent stacking snow in non-member regions, I added a dirty _can_build() check in CommandHelper. It doesn’t respect groups, flags or parents, but only the first one will be a big issue. There’s currently no way to return groups for regions, but I’ve requested it… months ago.


    Dec 20th (ish)
    -Moved the Sky Battleship to Frog Park. Though it is not yet finished or ready yet for what we want, it is a great piece of art by Froggerooh and viewable at /warp battleship.


    Dec 21st
    – Brought about the end of the world. (P14-004)

    Dec 22nd
    – Tried to work on PVP but ended up fixing a bunch of other things instead. Not sure what to list.


    Dec 23rd

    – Moved CoderJ’s 2v2 version of Tower Control to Frog Park. It uses almost all redstone, except for the respawn gear. (Respawn gear can technically be done in vanilla as of 1.4, but would interfere with other mini-games in the same world. The alternative is a dispenser method as seen in the original Tower Control, but it’s not fun for players because they’d have to put their armor on every time.) CoderJ is working on a larger one for more players, but I guess you could play with over 4 players in the 2v2 Tower Control for fun. It just requires at least 4 to start the game.

    – Did a lot of work on the PVP script. I got one arena running with its base functionality. It’s an FFA with 10 lives. I tried to make the script flexible enough to adapt to all sorts of arena types and rules.


    Dec 24th

    – Did more work on PVP script. Now it has a framework for adding and modifying arenas using commands. I still have to make it so more than one arena can run at the same time, but pretty much the base gameplay is all there. You can get an idea of the current feature set by typing /pvp and /arena. The other commands are still restricted, but I hope to enable them for everyone soon. Arenas will only be able to be defined by moderators and maybe engineers. FFA (free-for-all) is still the only mode available, but rest assured more will be available. I’m not a big fan of FFA.


    Dec 25th

    – More work on PVP script, mostly coding structure, cleanup and more robust editing of arenas. (eg. can now list all arena IDs, can clear spawn points, has better command feedback) I made “lives” adjustable — little things like that. Next time I test some of this I’ll probably open up the command to regular players. There’s at least one or two cases I want to check for, because players can be naughty. 😛


    Dec 26th

    – I’ve been trying to structure the data in a way that supports different modes. In particular, I’ve been implementing teams and friendly fire options. I also made all the variables and IDs in the scripts dynamic so that multiple arenas can function separately and simultaneously. Plus other organizational stuff.


    Dec 27th

    – Made command button signs easier to create for moderators by auto-coloring them when the format is correct and above a button.

    – Potentially added teams (and ff) to pvp script, but I could have just as easily broken everything. I still need to work out different spawns and kits for teams.


    Dec 28th

    – Teams are truly added now in a way that doesn’t break FFA. It was really challenging to figure out and do it in a way that was cohesive and expandable. Now Skypiea is working again. I haven’t tested teams yet, but I have no reason to believe it won’t work. I added a region check, so people teleporting out will be removed from the game.


    Dec 29th

    – Worked on shop commands. I restructured the data so that I can list buy/sell items next to each other. But I also modified the shop commands to /shop edit and /shop list . I also added some documentation to the commands for clarity, which I’ve been doing with a lot of my new commands lately.

    – Updated Craftbukkit to 1.4.6. Updated 16 plugins. Fixed a couple bugs and deprecated functions in my scripts. Edited another plugin so that it wouldn’t spam console. (Eclipse is a pain)

    – Tested and fixed FF in PVP script.


    Dec 30th

    – Added some protection against falling through floor on teleport. It’s enough to allow me to remove BananaChunk and the entity bugs along with it. (that thing where you couldn’t exit minecarts or attack certain entities after teleportation)
    – Cleaned up much of the Christmas stuff at Frog Park (as well as a couple other things). I’m leaving a few things for another day or two. I’m of course saving the good stuff as schematics.
    – Added a fireworks station at Frog Park so people can experiment with different combinations and make some good ones for New Years.
    – Fixed stacking for coin shops.
    – Made TowerControl only tell region of deaths.
    – Added some reminders for the new shop commands.
    – Updated Craftbukkit to fix bug that could have potentially caused loss of item enchantments when chunks unloaded.


    Thanks for all you do PK. The firework shop was fun, and the PVP script you made is great.

    I’m giving the thumbs up to finishing the spawners in the zoo.


    Hah, oh ya. I think we need to figure out where we’re putting the zoo first. If the zoo is done, I can just move it over there.

    Dec 31st
    – Fireworks!
    – A bit of work on the messaging system for PVP.
    – Sequential spawning in PVP to prevent stacking.


    Jan 1st
    – Finished adding Sell shops to scripts. As a courtesy, I went around and clicked all Sell shops in Final City to add them to the database.
    – Made a few more optimizations and fixes to the shop scripts.
    – Updated backup auth system in consideration of deprecated and added functions. (makes it cleaner, too)
    – Re-wrote the Sell shop and auth system fixes after accidentally overwriting the file with a backup I made a few hours earlier. Derp.
    – Re-worked PVP teams to get it to work. (untested)
    – Improved arena configuration commands
    – Added team kits
    – Other PVP experience improvements
    – Opened up the /enchant [type] [level] command to builders/engineers so that they can tinker with kits for arenas. I recently enabled the /item (or /i) command for item spawning for builders/engineers too. My goal is to really empower people to create new and interesting game modes with easy to use features.




Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 88 total)
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