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    Jan 2nd
    – Added team-based spawns. (eg. setting one of multiple possible spawns for team 2 would be /arena set anarena spawn 2) Remember, they spawn sequentially for the first time, and then randomly if they have lives to respawn.
    – Added support for a broadcastregion. The regular region is the arena, where if players exit they will be removed from the match. The broadcast region might be larger than that. But if undefined, it’ll use the arena’s region.
    – Updated Dynmap and CommandHelper (broke Cluck)

    Coder J

    Hmm… mebbe I should get around to, I don’t know, integrating the metadata API into PhysicalShop.


    Oooh, shiny object….


    Or actually fixing PhysicalShop to work with 1.4.6 lol. He still hasn’t gotten around to it. Heck, even enchantments don’t work yet even though there’s been a pull request for ages now.

    Jan 4th

    – Added bed respawns to support a Skypirates bed respawning mode I want to try. This occurs by default if lives isn’t set for the arena. I guess technically this could work for Tower Control, and is currently required for infinite respawning.

    – Made the arena view sub-command more granular. If the setting is an array, you have to specifically view that setting. As more settings are added, this will be necessary. I might display certain settings different on a case-by-case basis.


    Jan 5th
    – Added item spawns and chest spawns. I originally was only going to do item spawns, but I ran into a few wrinkles. I can’t check if a player has picked up a specific item very well, so it must spawn at the given interval, whereas the chest spawn will occur after a given amount of time after it was last looted. Second, I can’t drop items with enchantments, which is where the chest spawn comes in. You can loot chest spawns just by clicking them and then they’ll disappear.

    – Now running a ‘/remove items 32’ command for players when starting a match to clear out all the dropped and spawned items from previous games. This is a small change, but I wanted to mention it because of the drawbacks. The first is that it might interfere with drops nearby, so try and keep spawns at least 32 blocks away from anything that could be affected. Another drawback is there’s an extra message in people’s chat right after “Starting match in 3 seconds…”

    – Other tweaks like making the “/arena” sub-command explanations longer for clarity, and also dropping the player_quit event since it was redundant with the player check interval.

    I just need to add special weapons, dyed armor support, and jump pads for Halo to work how we want it to.


    Jan 7th
    – Adjusted teleport fall-safety to be more efficient and prevent rare teleport loops after being teleported into the side of a wall above the ground.
    – Added dyed leather armor support to PVP
    – Added velocity testing command: “/velocity x y z”. This is for jump pads, for now, but you’ll have to figure out the values appropriate to each pad.
    – Updated PhysicalShop. Redstone trigger should be back now.


    looks like you have been keeping busy. 🙂


    He’s always been busy, it’s just now he’s keeping a record of his progress as he progresses.


    Like I said earlier, it’s partly to motivate me, but also there’s a lot that I do that people just don’t know about. I need a place to put that stuff so people can stay informed.

    I’m starting to think I just need to categorize wordpress more into these separate sections of content. But I think that means dropping buddypress/forums, setting everyone to contributor, and then just using new posts into these separate categories to start and organize discussions. The forum/groups integration feels like it’s getting in my way of doing neat things. I still would like varied permission groups, though.

    Coder J

    Installed maven (again) over the weekend…. started crunching PhysicalShop. Am I just dragging this to modern era w/ metadata/enchantment support or do we want other things with it?


    The guy finally updated PhysicalShop a couple days ago.

    Jan 8th
    – Shifted the “clear” value to its own sub-command — less confusing, I think.
    – Worked on help info in the commands. (eg. “/arena set”)
    – Fixed kits (I haven’t tested these changes in many days now, so I expect there’ll be some broken stuff. I’m lucky to have noticed this one in the code.)
    – Added “/pvp watch ” that teleports people to the lobby for that arena. Should I do this automatically when someone joins the next match and isn’t in the broadcast region?

    Coder J

    Bah, I’m moving too slow these days 😛 Ah well, back to whatever it is I pretend to be doing. Try poking with a sharp stick next time ;).


    Jan 9th
    – Added the special command signs for [PVP] Join and Start. Arena ID goes on the 4th line.
    – Added the ‘restore’ setting using Pylamo Restoration System. I haven’t yet set the permissions for others to create regions with PRS yet.
    – Added the ‘debug’ setting in arenas for when you’re testing an arena and you don’t want people starting it yet.
    – Added health, hunger and saturation bar reset.
    – Fixed many bugs and issues. (at least one not related to PVP) Team games now work, including Skypirates!

    NOTE: get_armor_color is erroneously returning only gray values at the moment, so my current method of armor color doesn’t work.


    Jan 10th
    – Did a visual pass on the pirate ships with Rivergod, and tested it with him.
    – Did a visual and functionality pass on Encryptic’s old ice arena with Rivergod,, and configured the arena for PVP. It’s now fully functional. Name: “SnowDown”. 😛
    – Added starting “time” setting.
    – Set player bed location to park warp on match start. Because there’s a bug that prevents me from adjusting respawn locations when a player doesn’t have a bed location, I have to work around it. This is the least ugly workaround. However, I still have to do the other workaround in SkyPirates when using bed respawning.
    – Added ‘redstone’ setting — an unpowered lever placed on top of a block that turns on when the match starts and turns off when the match ends.
    – Added ‘min’ and ‘max’ players settings. The minimum determines if “/pvp start” is successful and the maximum starts the match as soon as that number of people join.


    Jan 11th
    – Helped finish up some details on rivergod’s CTF arena.
    – Moved rivergod’s pvp arena into frog park.
    – Worked on Frog Park: moved some stuff around, removed maze & sonicsnowman (saved), added a few warps, and added terrain and decoration.
    – Started a reference page for arena creation. Right now it’s mostly just extended information that the /arena command’s info gives you. Some things require more words to explain than can fit well within chat. http://finalscoremc.com/arena-configuration/


    Jan 12th
    – Fixed Spleef to only work when clicking a block instead of air.
    – Modified drops on death so that players never drop armor. This not only prevents cheating in team games, but it also makes less clutter. I might change this to a setting so people can configure what can’t death drop.
    – Started on Loot replacement. Figuring out how we want things.

Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 88 total)
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