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    Jan 13th
    – Moved gamma spawn (not finished decorating, new public farm soon)
    – Two new moderators: TrulyAnnoying & Fredwaffles are now available to help you!


    Jan 13th
    – Added cake reward script for obstacle courses to replace PhatLoot. (/cake) I also re-added all the prizes and I may have tweaked their values. 😛 This also means all cooldowns are reset, so people can get those coins!
    – Reworked Jump School with Nefyoni.
    – Actually fixed Spleef block breaking. (i put ‘left_click_block’ in the prefilter when it wasn’t a prefilter but just event data)


    Jan 14th
    – Finished decorating the new Gamma Spawn (library/enchanting table/anvils available)
    – Moved Free Melon Chest & Ender Chest
    – Started designing the new (semi-automated) public farm
    – Progress on the Labyrinth, no expected time of completion.


    Jan 14th
    – Updated CommandHelper, WorldEdit, and WorldGuard.
    – Added bats and baby chickens to Cluck, then turned it back on because CommandHelper guys fixed the bug!
    – Reworked parts of Skypirates to work with the lack of support for attachables in Pylamo Restoration System. Basically we can’t put attachables (ladders, torches, etc) on the north, west, or top side of blocks and expect them to successfully restore. I removed the doors, moved the ladders, and adjusted most torches.
    – Armor dye is fixed in CommandHelper now, so I redid Skypirates armor.
    – Added a tentative coin reward for pvp, matching how it works on spleef for now. It’s basically the number of players in the match minus two. So you get one coin if there were three players. Two if there’s four. Etc.


    Jan 15th
    – Removed DynMap modules that populate the map with regions and warps. It seems to be the reason the server was freezing up so far.
    – Fixed a couple issues in Cluck when swapping players.


    Jan 16th
    – Moved froggerooh’s Guardian to the park and helped him do some finishing touches with nefyoni.
    – Added starting potion effects to PVP script. (effect)
    – Added invisibility for 3 seconds on snowdown so they’re a little safer on respawn. (players cant see the nametag) Also made the doors on snowdown automatic based on pressure plates with a 3 second delay.
    – Made creative players go into survival before doing anything else.


    Because we forget we’re in that mode!


    Jan 17th
    – CLUCK: Added score and progress indicators.
    – PVP: Added Sumo arena.
    – PVP: Made people respawn at lobby if they leave combat zone. (this works better for sumo)
    – PVP: Changed ‘watch’ sub-command to ‘warp’. It’s redundant to the warps we’re setting up, for the most part. But when I finally do warps all in-house, I can automatically add arena warps to it.
    – PVP: Supported multiple starting potion effects, and it now removes the effect if the player leaves. (important for Guardian)
    – PLUGIN: Edited Dynmap-WorldGuard to only update regions on server start, then turned it back on.


    Jan 18th
    – PVP: Tested and fixed itemspawns, chestspawns, and jumppads. (and more?) Itemspawns were a little disappointing as they drop at a random angle resulting in a 1-1.5 radius of possible drop locations. They also don’t drop the correct data value for potions for some reason.
    – PVP: Added fireworks to Sumo.
    – PVP: Changed how players get removed from match when they exit the arena by teleporting them to the lobby. This helped Sumo, but I had to add a invincible region to the lobby area so they didn’t die immediately.
    – PVP: Fixed removing potion effects upon leaving region.
    – HELP: Added permission to view help index.
    – DEV: Added more layered terrain where it left holes before the generator kicked in.
    – DEV: Added a mob testing area at /warp mobtesting


    Jan 19th
    – WEBSITE: Adjusted live map for mobile devices a bit. I could maybe use a little feedback on this since I don’t have a smartphone. Tip: click the pause button on the map list.
    – WEBSITE: Added a Custom Recipes page with helpful pictures and deprecation notices.
    – WEBSITE: Added a bunch of custom commands to the moderator reference page.
    – PLUGIN: Added mossy stonebrick recipe to RecipeManager. It’s vines over stonebrick. It seemed the best choice. Still undecided on cracked stonebrick.
    – CAKES: Changed cakes to repair themselves if someone somehow eats one. This should have been impossible, but oh well.
    – STOPWATCH: Made it not give an errant time when a player never started the stopwatch. Changed the data structure. Saved the session data on commandhelper reload. Output the times to console for reference.


    Out world gets like at least four thumps up from Fred and I!!


    Also feed back on the live map on mobile devices. The login link falls under the chat section any chance we can move it?


    It’s better than it was for my phone. But I’d rather have a list of who’s online, a way to login & chat than see the map from my phone. Just my thoughts though.


    – Added a server stats plugin that’s more informative. Try “/ss”.
    – Updated CommandHelper.
    – Added a “/cake info” command


    – [PVP] Fixed incremental spawning when player count is above the spawn count.
    – [PVP] Possibly fixed the second arena overwriting pvp data of the first. Maybe. It’s an attempt to prevent variable referencing. (@id = $id.”)
    – [PVP] Canceled friendly-fire altogether instead of just removing the damage. Let me know if this is better. I kind of liked getting hit in the back for a boost. We don’t need to nerf bad teammates in team games. A bad teammate is a bad teammate. We should choose whichever is better gameplay. If both are good choices, depending on the arena, I’ll make it a third option for the ff setting.
    – [PVP] Fixed double item drops from chest spawns. It’s actually better this way, because it’s faster and cleaner.
    – [FROGPARK] Moved river’s new small obstacle course to the desert and added some stopwatches for fun.

Viewing 15 posts - 61 through 75 (of 88 total)
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