<required> [optional]


Command Aliases Description
/help [topic] Displays information about the server.
/who /list Shows a list of current players per-group.
/where /mvw Shows a list of current players per-world.
/shop <transaction> Edit the shop sign that you’re looking at.
Example: /shop buy 1 for 2g
/shop list <item name> List all shops where you can buy or sell a particular item.
/hat Put whatever you have in your hand onto your head.
/compass <target> Sets compass to point to target: spawn, home [player], here, player, or x z coordinates.
/transfer <mob> <player> Transfers ownership of a horse, wolf, or cat to another online player.
Example: /transfer horse PseudoKnight
/share <player> <horses> Changes what you share with another player. Currently only supports ‘horses’.
/unshare <player> <horses> Removes a share with this player.
/kill [message] Sets your health to zero.
/approve <player> Adds a player to the survival whitelist. (only some players have access to this)
/livemap Sends you a clickable link to the Live Map.
/here Broadcasts to all players a clickable link to your location on the Live Map.
/lastseen <player> Gets the last time the player was on the server.


Command Description
/cake list Lists all the cakes you have and haven’t found.
/cake info [cakename] Returns basic information about a given cake.
/times <top|me|avg|player> [course|all] Lists the top times for a course or all courses.


Command Aliases Description
/msg <player> <message> /tell, /w Send a private or offline message to a player.
/r Replies to the last person who sent you a /msg.
/me <message> Broadcasts an action message to everyone.
/enter <message> Changes the message following your name after you enter the server.
/exit <message> Changes the message following your name after you leave the server.
/ignore <player|all> Ignore global chat messages from that player.
/unignore <player|all> Stop ignoring that player’s global chat messages.
/colors Displays all color code characters that can be used in chat. (eg. &1)
/roll [#] Displays a random number in chat from 1 up to the specified number. (default: 6)


Command Description
/survival /park /dev These teleport you to the respective world types at your last known location.
/spawn [world] Teleports you to spawn for current or specified world.
/warp [name] Teleports you to a warp location. If none is specified, available warps are listed.
/sethome Defines your home location per-world for quick teleporting.
/home [world] [player] Teleports you to a home.
/join <player> Requests to teleport to another player, who types /accept to allow it.
/invite <player> Requests another player teleports to you, who types /accept to allow it.
/autojoinaccept Toggles automatically accepting all join requests.


These commands are only available in the dev world.

Command Description
/gm [mode] Toggle or set your game mode.
/i <item name or id> Gives you an item. Supports 1:1 format and many item aliases.
/enchant <enchantment> <level> Enchants the item in your hand.
/unenchant Removes all enchantments from item in your hand.
/dye <0-255> <0-255> <0-255> Changes the color (RGB) of the leather armor in your hand.
/display <name> Changes the display name of the item in your hand.
/lore <line_num> <text> Changes the lore per line of the item in your hand.
/potion <type> <effect> <seconds> <strength> Use to create custom potions.
Example: /potion splash_potion strength 30 1
/skull [playername] Give yourself a player head.
/v Toggles spectator mode.
/horse Spawn and ride a temporary horse.


Command Aliases Description
/rg info [region] /rg i Displays info on specified region or current region if unspecified.
/rg list [-p playername] [page] List regions of which the player is a member.
Example: /rg list -p PseudoKnight
/rg claim <region> [player(s)] Creates a region with current WorldEdit selection.
Example: /rg claim my_region
/rg delete <region> Deletes a region you own.
/rg rename <region> <newname> Script that changes the name of a region you own.
/rg move <region> /rg update /rg redefine Updates the region boundaries to the current selection.
/rg addmember <region> <player(s)> Allow player(s) to build and access chests.
Example: /rg addmember finalcity PseudoKnight
/rg remmember <region> <player(s)> Removes member(s) from your specified region.
/rg priority <region> <#> /rg pri Priority for overlapping regions. Higher numbers overrides lower number regions. (default: 0)
/rg flag <region> <flag> [value] /rg f Set region behavior. (see available flags below)
Example: /rg f finalcity ice-form deny


Flag-name [value] Description
mob-spawning [allow|deny] Turn off hostile mob spawning, so you can have dark areas in your builds.
snow-fall [allow|deny] Turn off snow accumulation during storms in cold biomes.
snow-melt [allow|deny] Turn off snow melting from light sources.
ice-form [allow|deny] Turn off ice forming in cold biomes.
ice-melt [allow|deny] Turn off ice melting from light sources.