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    NOTE: I haven’t been using this for several months now. We need a better method for keeping track of these changes. You can still find some of my script changes on my github FinalScoreMC repository.

    + = Ideas that other people voted for.

    • – Update Multiverse Inventories to the newest version to support item meta, but without hitting a but I encountered that erases the inventory for the world you first travel to. (this’ll take quite a bit of testing and perhaps some developer intervention)
    • – Clean-up the central stargate network of redundant personal gates and unused locations.


    • + Have a separate list of empty shops indexed by player so owners can see what’s out of stock
    • + Mob arena and script designed using rivergod’s themed rounds
    • + Mail system (including mod request)
    • + Script two-player mode for Cluck.
    • – Rebuild Final City tower base

    Just had a thought. If you guys want to thumbs-up any particular item up there, I can use those votes to prioritize them.


    The idea of city centres or something to add an extra dimension to the concept of forming towns with other players would be great and is really what multiplayer is about.
    Anything else bringing interaction between players who wouldn’t normally interact is great, like the competitions or events and such.
    😀 good job PK!

    Coder J

    Nice list…. amazing to see it all typed out to see…

    PhatLoot replacement is pretty easy; coin/material rewards could probably be done fairly simply with CH (trick is the lockout, have a couple of ideas on that….)

    I stopped working on my plugin for river’s mob arena because a lot of stuff came up… well, that and I lost the whole project when my HD crashed :\. Let me iron out some issues with DispenserParking (boats are only getting parked up some of the time, sometimes they break into sticks/planks but still get parked… sometimes they just despawn with no item in dispenser).

    PvP/Arena scipting is fun, now that I’ve figured out some of CH’s quirks I’m able to run a last-man-standing arena that’s fairly automated… some more tweaking and I should be able to do teams. That’s near the end of my own list (no one cares about that as much as yours ;))

    CommandBook replacement for home commands (/home and /sethome) can probably be done with CH and some voodoo (failing that, small plugin and flat file)

    For VPS host, I signed up for allgamers…. not that I don’t like utilizing Amazon EC2 instances but they are only cost effective for short bursts.

    MCMyAdmin…. well, I didn’t install it on my dev server this go around; using cron and shell scripts for scheduled restart and backups. Played with it briefly and didn’t like the way it does permissions/plugins (most requires server restart anyway and options are relatively easy for me to find).

    Town/City Centers sound pretty cool. It’s a popular concept and more than a few people on the server have made their own towns/cities… trick would be implementing it (Towny is the popular solution, but my goodness the issues it causes…..)


    The /home replacement is only difficult in that I need to convert all the homes over. I’m not excited about storing all that data, but it looks like CMDBook stores even more than I would.

    RE:MCMA, I’m currently only using a few features in it — console, start/stop/restart, schedule. It does make certain things more convenient because it’s a wrapper.

    I wouldn’t use a plugin for cities. I want to scale it up slowly, but the important component right now is the warps. Maybe I could get rid of /spawn at some point, too.


    I like your city center direction. Also I wanna work on railways too. I think its the best way to see our world.


    I’d really like to see:

    -Add the first out-world, a temporary world full of fresh resources, adventure, and unique characteristics each week. (YES!)
    -Bring back donations, this time for coins. (still need to decide on the exact amount per dollar)

    -Add a concept of city centers. I still have to determine the exact requirements. (eg. a mayor, a required # of citizens, a market?) But each city would have their own warp. (like finalcity has /spawn) I realized people optimally need two anchor points in a world, and it’s unreasonable to expect everyone to organize home locations for the greater good. Right now people at FinalCity have an advantage of /spawn, and I want to give that advantage to groups that put great effort into building towns for themselves. Towns/groups need more autonomy in a few different ways. This might include certain permissions for mayors or specific flags setup for each city. I’m not sure yet, but first things first: determining who/what/where qualifies as a city.

    -True building competitions
    -Investigate/discuss more crafting recipes.
    -Mail system (including mod request)


    Listshops and outworlds have sucked up most of what administration time I had outside of moderating, but my next project is coin rewards. It’ll be a combination of things: a few limited commands, some finite materials (I’ll actually be taking down my gold shop so that I can help fund this), and maybe some other things as we figure them out. I’ve gone back and forth on special enchanted tools, but I’ll hold off on considering that again until 1.4 comes out as it dramatically changes some influential parts of the enchanting system. (anvils)


    Nov 5-7th
    – Finished up first coin rewards, coin reward shops under Event House in Final City and a weather command so far.
    – Re-added donations to FAQ
    – Created a script to make handling donors easier.
    – Fixed bug in listshops not updating the cache for a few days; re-clicked all Final City shops
    – Added pvp kits plugin that supports colored leather armor
    – Added head drops for skeletons, zombies, and creepers; plugin also supports manual spawn of player heads.
    – Updated my skin a bit for a thinner mask; not quite satisfied yet.
    – Made Connect4 reset more reliable; sand/gravel was killing the lava below, so now it just sets it all to air.
    – Removed more Halloween decorations & code
    – Reworked some Frog Park signage
    – Made some changes to Cluck in preparation for code
    – Updated CommandHelper & WorldGuard
    – Made rollercoaster a little more intuitive for players.
    – Added an additional path (of hopefully many) to the rollercoaster


    Nov 8th
    – Fixed donor adding command and added logging for my sake
    – You can now place zombie, creeper, and skeleton heads on the ground. (reduced the restriction to wither heads)
    – Added [Leather Hat] to PhysicalShop aliases. Unfortunately they can’t retain color on shop transactions, but you can try to work around this using the redstone output and dispensers. I have some designs for this, with different drawbacks.
    – Improved the structure and code of the listshops feature, mostly by breaking off some code into its own function and replacing some try/catch with if conditions. I want to reduce the regex in the future.
    – Added session saving for msg conversations and tp requests when reloading aliases. So I shouldn’t interrupt players as much when testing/fixing code.
    — Ike2b and I added potions; took some research to get fair costs
    — Pandizziness’s added oak leaves
    — Smasher added tons of bone meal, a chest full of power I bows, tons of more arrows, and an ’11’ music disc!
    — Nefyoni added diamond blocks lol
    – Fixed sign coloring now that they align correctly. Any command signs need to be updated, but I think I got them all.
    – Removed some chest shops from the listshops cache after stupidly moving a shop area with WorldEdit (try to avoid doing this, moderators; first break the signs if you can, as this removes it from the cache)


    I’m writing these down for two reasons. 1) I think it’s helpful to list some of the little things I’ve added or changed for other people’s reference, and 2) I find it can be helpful for me to list out what I’ve done — it’s more motivating and makes me feel like I actually accomplished something. Take yesterday for example. I set out to script Cluck, but got sidetracked by so many things (many regulars tasks of which are not listed) that it’s easy to feel (at least for me) that I failed to accomplish my goal and am working a treadmill. Anyone have an idea for a better place or format for me to list some or all of these things; it’s something I’ve been struggling with.


    Nov 9th
    – Added P14-004 outworld + nether + end; This takes longer than I like, and with too much manual file editing (that I can easily miss). I think I might script something to make more of it automated.
    – Updated multiverse inventories to fix a major bug we encountered with handling caps in the world names. Looked through inv files and restored what lost items I could from the bug (still have to help gorff)
    – Added /mute command for moderators (only blocks global chat, like /ignore)


    Nov 10th & 11th
    – Mostly boring maintenance stuff, bug research
    – Recorded a redstone puzzle video, of which I’m still in the process of editing and uploading the parts.
    Nov 12th
    – SPLEEF
    —- Re-wrote to use CH block set functions instead of WorldEdit. WorldEdit has a memory overhead (undo history) and messy looking chat text. Code is longer, but worth it.
    —- Added first stage of anti-cornering code.
    —- Changed the method of block breaking; if you double-click a block, it’ll break two blocks along your line of sight. Might help situations where you can’t click under someone because they’re in the way, so clicking in front of them digs underneath. Will need play-testing.
    —- Fixed one long-standing bug with spawning into walls; not sure if it fixed all cases, but it was an obvious bug.
    —- Reduced some of my own chat spam, even if it was region-specific.


    Nov 13th
    – Finished up a good deal of Cluck. Chicken spawning, detection, killing — all works. Rounds work, and it scales up difficulty decently each round. It detects if player steps off pressure plates. It should support the two shooting ranges working simultaneously. Still more I need to do: rewards per round, fail/pass conditions for rounds and/or game, better messages and feedback, more play-testing.
    – Added spleef session protection to my /safereload (the thing that saves conversation and tp request sessions) so that it won’t reload if there’s a match in progress. (and some other little things like this)

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    Nov 14th
    – Updated to 1.4.4 for Craftbukkit, and updated a few plugins along with it; Still a client crash bug due to a bad compression packet being sent from the server. This usually coincides with teleports and missing chunks.
    – Worked a lot more on Cluck, with a lot of help from Nefyoni. It’s getting very close to being ready. First I need to figure out why both can’t run at once. Then I just need a winning condition, rewards, costs, score, and random ocelots.

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