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Trident? Trident.

Update: Congrats to CritterMunch & TrulyAnnoying! I’ve left them for you in Gamma.
7:37 PM: I just got another trident and rolled so congrats TheFrostyKitty!

Hey, so it’s getting close to Thanksgiving in the US and what better way to celebrate than by giving someone a trident I found? All you have to do is reply to this post saying you want it and on the 21st I’ll randomly pick someone. And to be extra nice, I already put mending on it. Continue reading



Newest Update: Both remaining treasure boxes have been claimed by Gothem8!

Hey everyone! (2018/11/9- Update: Diamond Treasure was found by commandhelper! Yay nessie! Then Commandhelper hid the Diamond Treasure next to theĀ Lesser Emerald Treasure in Final City aka Delta Spawn, good luck!)
So, I did a thing.
I made a treasure box and stuffed it with diamonds. As you can see here:

And I have hidden it in the Outworld!
Update: I also hid an emerald treasure chest in the outworld nether. There’s a hint there for that one.
Emerald Chest found by barry_hhh
Update 2018/11/9
: I made a lesser Emerald Treasure Chest as seen in the picture below and I have hidden it in Final City, in an item frame. Good luck!



10/1/14 Update: If you would like to be a guest, just let me know I’d love to have you on!

Hi Everybody!

So I recently recorded an episode for my podcast with ScottyD & PseudoKnight and we did an extended version of it where we specifically talk about finalscoremc. In this we speculate and talk about Microsoft buying Mojang. If you would like to listen we ramble around for about 30 minutes and it is posted below. Continue reading


Frog Park

Dear FSMC Players,
There are a lot of projects being worked on, but I’m just curious, do any of you have a specific request for a “game” for Frog Park?

Also, feedback on existing games, park layout, story, etc. would be appreciated.


P.S. Please respond via reply/comments on this post.