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Hi Everybody!

So I recently recorded an episode for my podcast with ScottyD & PseudoKnight and we did an extended version of it where we specifically talk about finalscoremc. In this we speculate and talk about Microsoft buying Mojang. If you would like to listen we ramble around for about 30 minutes and it is posted below.

Extended Version of “Morsel 5 – Nobody Wants to Hear My Political Ramblings” from 2 Friends Fail Podcast:

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  1. gothem8

    Just based on what has happened these past few years i think Microsoft will buy it, and Disney will come in sometime and buy Microsoft in the future, Disney bought Pixar, Marvel, LucasArts, various amount of TV channels. Who’s to say they won’t make a move on video games? So basically Minecraft has finished it’s days either way.? Just my theory.

    Also there IS a way to play from your IOS/Android device. Although you do need to pay $200 but that would be really cool.

    AND yes a lot of cakes… just saying i have them all =)

    Yes yes me and crazy made the statues duh lol

    Also does

  2. fredwaffles

    For those who might not have heard yet. The deal was accepted. So the speculation about Microsoft buying minecraft is over, but we still get to continue speculating about what it means for the future of minecraft.

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