Newest Update: Both remaining treasure boxes have been claimed by Gothem8!

Hey everyone! (2018/11/9- Update: Diamond Treasure was found by commandhelper! Yay nessie! Then Commandhelper hid the Diamond Treasure next to theĀ Lesser Emerald Treasure in Final City aka Delta Spawn, good luck!)
So, I did a thing.
I made a treasure box and stuffed it with diamonds. As you can see here:

And I have hidden it in the Outworld!
Update: I also hid an emerald treasure chest in the outworld nether. There’s a hint there for that one.
Emerald Chest found by barry_hhh
Update 2018/11/9
: I made a lesser Emerald Treasure Chest as seen in the picture below and I have hidden it in Final City, in an item frame. Good luck!

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