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Happy 9 Years! Ψ

We are celebrating this year’s anniversary with the brand new survival world, Psi! (Ψ)

The world is concentrated on a large lukewarm ocean at /spawn and will look hopefully look nicer than what is pictured, eventually. Biomes in Psi include ice spikes, mushroom island, frozen ocean, mega taiga, shattered savannah, and more.

Its noteworthy to not build anything permanent in the Psi nether at this time. When 1.16 rolls around and Minecraft drastically updates the underworld, the plan is to reset Psi’s nether to incorporate all of the new features.

Happy swimming.



Okay, PseudoKnight updated the server to 1.13.1!
He wanted to wait to be sure that everything was stable enough before announcing it too loudly, but survival seems to be pretty solid!
He has done much work in Frog Park, but most things work there too.
He added a completely random outworld with an expanding world border. We lucked out and landed on a beach! But watch out for phantoms. Just getting into a bed is enough to reset your rest timer.


It was an enormous amount of work for everyone to get to this point. It was only this week that a few bugs and performance issues I was experiencing were resolved. There are still other bugs, but he felt like it was finally time to make the jump. But thankfully this is a one time deal. Future updates should be much smoother again.




Minecraft 1.11

This update wasn’t quite as easy as 1.10, but at least it was easier than 1.9. Still, the entity changes and shulker box support took a lot of time to work out. Fortunately, since the Spigot team was ahead of schedule on the initial release, I was able to test earlier than planned. This means we managed to obtain the Nov 21st release date that I thought only had a small chance of happening. (and at 1AM PST, no less)

So you probably should know a few things.

The outworld is planned next, but that’ll take another day. This is where you’ll get most of your shulker shells, though some people have spawn eggs for them. Unfortunately, I can’t emphasize the Woodland Mansion on this server. I’ll do my best, but it takes a lot of resources for a one-off event with very little reward. I’ll be looking at ways to integrate the new mobs elsewhere to offset this. Llamas are going to be more available in the outworld too, but they can still spawn in other worlds if the animal cap hasn’t been reached.

There’s also a few low priority issues (eg. cross-world horse teleports don’t work… again) but things should be stable. If you do run into a new problem, please report it to me on the server or on Trello. I’m keeping a list on the Minecraft 1.11 card if you want to keep track of what I’m doing next.

Mob Limits
With the introduction of maxEntityCramming, I’ve removed one of my own grinder limits and replaced it with this new functionality. I’ve set the value to 140 (default: 24), which matches the weighted iron pressure plate. This is still up for discussion, but it shouldn’t affect current machines at 140. (my previous limit was around 150)

If you have any questions, you can use the below comments to ask them, or see me in-game. View the full list of changes on the Minecraft Wiki. Don’t forget Optifine 1.11 (Preview)! Have fun!


When Minecraft 1.11?

It is expected that Mojang will release Minecraft 1.11 on the 14th. The Spigot team expects to be able to put out a first release on the 19th or 20th. Assuming all goes according to schedule, and the necessary plugins update within a day, this means we should not expect to update to 1.11 until at LEAST the 21st. Now, predicting something like this is not something that works practically, and you should never expect it of anyone, but I’m going to try anyway. Given unpredictable factors and the close proximity to Thanksgiving, I expect us to be on 1.11 somewhere between the 26th and 30th. I dare not update a day (or two) before Thanksgiving due to availability during a very server unstable period. I usually relax the day after, often with family. This is a longer turnaround than the last two updates, but I take what I’m given. That said, there remains a small chance for us to update on the 21st, if everything goes incredibly smoothly or ahead of schedule (and the API changes aren’t too drastic). Cross your fingers.


Server Support

First of all I would like to thank all those that have supported the server. It is awesome that it has been going on for this long. As some of you know that I back the server but with the help of supporters to cover the costs. I usually would cover the costs that were left over from support funds. I just recently tapped out the last of the support funds to pay for the server for the next 3 months. So I write in hopes to get help. Currently I am working part time and I am not going to be able to cover all the costs when it comes time to renew again in 3 months. I don’t play as much as I use to but I love our server and community. We have even outlasted the podcast where this server originated from. Anyway I hope you enjoy the server and if you can help support it, click the “Support Our Server” link up above in the navigation menu.




Minecraft 1.10

The server has been updated to 1.10. There are no specific considerations for our server this time around, so go take a look at the changelog to see all the new stuff. I added a new Outworld so that we can enjoy some of the changes to the terrain generation, and of course the loots. Never forget the sweet sweet loots.

I would recommend you disable Auto-Jump in your Controls. It’s pretty bad and it defaults enabled.

You can download an Optifine build for 1.10 here.


Our Server and Minecraft 1.9

Wow, it’s been a long time since we updated, and what a crazy update this has been so far. Knowing some of the challenges I’d have to face, I started work on this 4 weeks ago. 12 days ago Minecraft 1.9 was released, and some new challenges popped their ugly faces up. After a partial rewrite of the inventory system I had been working on, and some bug fixes from the great folks working on Spigot and other plugins, I finally managed to address all the major ones that I know of. This does not mean we’re bug free. We’ve been on 1.8 for a long time so some of you may not remember how shaky things can be at first. My goal is for you to not notice. So yay if everything goes smoothly for you! For others, please report issues here, on Trello, or via offline message on the server. But before you do, make note of these things:


All multiplayer games could be broken in some ways. These were barely tested for obvious reasons and I already know some things that need to be fixed. Give me a week before reporting issues on these. I’ll also be looking at addressing some of the parkour courses. If they’ve increased in difficulty, that’s fine. I’ll get to it. If somehow they break and are easy to bypass, alert me quickly. I’ve also changed the gamemode here to adventure, so there’s a couple things I’ll have to update for that, including Skypirates and Antfarm code.

Multiworld Inventories

I’ve completely rewritten this and converted the old data. However, despite my best efforts, I may have missed something or there it may break in rare cases. 🙁 Alert me as quickly as possible if this happens, but ONLY for survival inventories. I currently do not save creative inventories in any way. All of this is backed up, though. Spawn eggs and potions have completely new data, so I had to convert them specifically. This is also why they’re broken in some minigames, but they should be fine in survival!


Vehicles are now client side and much more agreeable to ride, but this does present some new quirks. For now I’ve had to disable crossworld teleports until I can work out a new method.


A new outworld will be coming so that people can get all the new loots and even make it to the outworld end fortresses where elytra can be found. Please be patient about elytra. I will not be spawning them or making them any easier to achieve. For now I’ll be expanding the border on our main end world too, so there’ll be a few more places to get loot. And yes, you can respawn the end dragon in our main end world. You have permission.

For more details on what I’m doing, refer to this Trello card. I’ll be addressing things on that list and adding to it when reports come in.