Frog Park

Dear FSMC Players,
There are a lot of projects being worked on, but I’m just curious, do any of you have a specific request for a “game” for Frog Park?

Also, feedback on existing games, park layout, story, etc. would be appreciated.


P.S. Please respond via reply/comments on this post.

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  1. Cotster

    maybe some type of game where there are 2 teams and both teams have to fight for different possitions accross the map. exp: so there are 3 or more possitions and the teams have to fight over capturing them and the more possiton a team holds the more points the team gets.

    1. PseudoKnight

      He’s talking about a variation of a point capture system, like our small 2v2 tower control arena. I’ve considered a PVP script addon for such a mode, but since it could be done in redstone, I haven’t felt the need. No one has built one outside of CoderJ’s (which I’ve been meaning to hook up with the PVP script) and I usually script where there’s builder demand, player demand or personal interest. People don’t seem to play tower control.

      1. PseudoKnight

        I’d rather do something custom, but if anyone feels inspired to do a map from one of their favorite multiplayer games, then go for it. Froggerooh already did 3 from Halo. I’m creating an original map that I designed for Counter-Strike, but a few of the actual CS maps might play well in Minecraft. Now that you mention it, I’d love to recreate an Natural Selection map, even if just for the looks.

        We’ve actually gone beyond command blocks for our games, but we do use them for convenience sometimes to interface our scripts with redstone.

    2. PseudoKnight

      Are people really excited about point capture gameplay? Give it some thought. We don’t need to check it off a list of gametypes or anything, but if the gametype excites people, I’ll code something in to make it easier for builders to make them. But if it really is just listing off an idea that other games have, then we can move on. In fact, consider every known gametype to have been considered before. So this would be to show your support and maybe get specific.

    1. PseudoKnight

      I second this. In fact, I think we should get specific and have some true parkour courses. Almost all the courses right now are mixes of obstacle courses, puzzles, and a little parkour. Parkour would provide optional paths where the player has to figure out the quickest, most efficient way.

      Also, I think courses should have more checkpoint systems like seen in The Ruins. Each obstacle is a short challenge that you can quickly retry until you get it. If the challenge section is too long, it can get frustrating.

      I know Nef is working on a 2v2 course, which demonstrates the wide variation available here. We can get creative. It doesn’t have to be “parkour”.

    2. Nefyoni Post author

      Is it more enjoyable to have an open-area course like the ruins/any of the mini courses OR a closed-area like Inferno/any of the others?

      I’m just wondering because I’ve set aside one of my larger projects because I’ve been unsure on how to proceed with it, including whether or not it is enclosed.

    3. PseudoKnight

      Open courses inevitably require the goal to be upwards and are very difficult to put in any checkpoints. That’s why I like the walled Ruins course. Ceilings are optional, but it does suppress cheating. Open courses need to be small, like how riv did them.

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