Gamma City Update

Recently completed a renovation to the Supermarket – Here

Should make it easier for shop owners to describe where their shop is located as each section has it’s unique floor color. We¬†moved the Gamma Coin Shop to the center of the Supermarket or the Grey floor area with Blue/Green on the sides.

Which bring me to the next topic: We’re finally to a point of offering the final Plots (currently 4). Whomever gets those plots will have a shop space available to them in the Supermarket. Unlike in the past this time you can purchase them with resources (that will be given to the City Storage for every citizen’s use). Just leave a comment here with your offer and Fredwaffles or I will get back to you on if your bid was accepted.

As a side note, I’m looking for designs for a new public farm. If anyone has any thoughts or design it would be much appreciated (space ~26×15).

5 comments on “Gamma City Update

  1. king_of_insanity

    I would like a shop plot. I could pay for it with a couple stacks of glowstone blocks. If I get the plot, I will have places to buy uncommon or difficult to obtain items, like glowstone and quartz, at reasonable prices. If glowstone blocks is not an adequate payment, let me know, as I can provide payment in several other forms.

    1. Nefyoni Post author

      Well, there seems to be little interest, so I’ll add you to the region and mark one of the plots with a sign for your name (and a shop spot Edit: light purple section). Just drop the glowstone off in the storage building.

  2. andyroo_o

    I would also like to obtain a gamma shop. I can donate a double chest full of cobble or 9 stacks of wool. If there is a material that is in high demand, I can also see about donating it. Thanks! If you agree to letting me have a plot, I will be making a redstone superstore type shop.

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