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    Hello, Wilson here. I go by Frostwars in minecraft. Nefyoni recommended and introduced Finalscoremc to me during one of our class session. Like Nefyoni, I’m also aiming for a Wide-Area Networking Technology degree.

    Lately, I’ve been playing Guild Wars 2, Skyrim, a variety of Total war games, as well as minecraft. I tend to play a alot on pc but also on PS3, and Xbox360. Currently work weekends so you shouldn’t see me on during those times.

    I hope to see you on FinalScoreMC should I be accepted and whitelisted. 🙂 Take it easy 🙂


    Sup ya’ll, its Shankomatic! My name is actually Mike, i am in college at 29 for the second time, the first time having run out of money. Minecraft has been a nice distraction from being unemployed for a year or so now. I have a number of large/silly/unnecessary projects I make because an idea tickles me and i figure why not such as:


    Battlestar Galactica

    OhYeah! (Aka the Koolaid man)

    Giant Melon, that makes melons

    Tradeville (all those villagers giving me their precious emeralds)

    Five Spider Grinder (Love them XP’s!)


    and about 10-15 more projects that i have thought out but aren’t made yet.

    Recently i have started dabbling with a small tekkit server for me and my friends, and figuring out how to mod so I can be GOD!


    Hi. My name is Morti and I’m an alco–oh wait, wrong meeting…

    So, my real name is Aaron and I live in Baltimore MD. Grew up in MD and have moved around the general DC area for about 10 years now. I like long walks on the beach and hate snow/winter. I hope to move to San Diego someday 😛

    I’ve been playing Minecraft since it was in pre-alpha. In fact purchased it when it was 12 bucks. Mostly played on a friend’s private server with maybe 4 other people. After awhile the server went belly up and really wanted to keep playing so i started branching out to find other MP servers. I heard Dunaway mention this server on Final Score and here I am.

    As an avid gamer I have a lot of other games that pull my attention away from pickaxes and creepers. Playing everything from Assassin’s Creed to Portal. Played WoW for about 5 years or so…multiple 85’s etc. but just got tired of it all. Extremely disenfranchised by the Pokemon and Pandas expansion so I just gave it up altogether. Play TOR as well but on a very part time basis. Mostly play Mass Effect 3 MP, Borderlands 2, Tribes Ascend and a smattering of other games these days.

    Currently my projects in game include:

    -A loose replica of Winterfell

    -A large underground vault

    -Getting my GF addicted to Minecraft 😛


    The Winterfell Project is a beast and will certainly take some time so if I’m not working on that I’m usually just browsing around other people’s projects or strip mining my regions.

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    Hello people of final score lendros23 here and im called len or lend around the server. my name is connor and ihave about 50% experiance in minecraft. im very well known around finalscore. if i start spammin or doi something wrong just message me and i’ll stop whatever i was doing.


    see you all later =)


    Brick Jim


    I haven’t been playing Minecraft for very long when I found you guys through AIE and the Extra Life forums.  I am super glad i did, because your community and worlds are amazing.  Thank you all 🙂


    Hello, My name is Tommy or kammerer19932. Im almost 20, (Jan 13) i claim California as my home, but i go to college in Massachusetts for Computer Engineering. Ive been playing minecraft since the good old alpha days! Ive been admin on a bunch of servers, and even had my own for quite a while but had to take it down when i went to college. I like to build and mainly play on my own. My favorite plugin is MCMMO because it gives you more on an incentive to play more and gives you upgrades which is pretty cool. Ive been looking for a new server to play on and I think this might be the one! Im looking forward to being part of the server.
    Thank You,
    Tommy (kammerer19932)


    Hello. I’m CasualTerror everywhere on the internet except in MMOs where I’m known as Flodox. I’ve been playing Minecraft for almost a year now and I am addicted. It got to a point where I was drawing designs on grid paper at work. I mostly have played with the mod pack Tekkit and when I do play vanilla MC I play is creative mode. So getting used to playing regular survival. I look forward to playing with you all.


    This is a little late…but normally I spend all my free time on the server, but since I can’t login at the moment…. I am Trulyannoying and I am married to fredwaffles. We have been married for 2 years and hail from Utah. We just recently started playing minecraft and heard about this server from biker_dan, who is one one of our coworkers. We have had a great time on the server and donated to help keep it running. Currently fredwaffles attends BYU and is working on his degree in computer information systems. We both work in a fast growing SaSS company and love our jobs. Hope to see everyone playing.


    My name’s Jared and I’m new to Minecraft. A couple friends of mine told me about it so I tried the free app on the ipad and loved it. I live in Tallahassee, FL with my wife and 8 mo son. I work for the State and I’m an associate Pastor at my local church. I’m a gamer through and through and I love to create in just about every medium (probably why I was attracted to this game).

    I’m currently designing something for my plot of land that will be my pet project probably for a few months. If you see large blue structure rising on the live map then you’ll know it’s me. I look forward to getting to know new people in this community.


    Hi, my name is Kyle and now I feel like I’m kicking off an AA meeting. My wife (themurphette) and I just started here this week and it’s our first time playing Minecraft online (her first time playing Minecraft at all). I’m a podcaster, producer, (amateur) comedian, and am putting these efforts into starting my own business. It just seemed like the easiest way to do the things I love for a living. My 7-year-old daughter loves to watch me play Minecraft but refuses to play it herself because of all the scary spiders, creepers and zombies. We’re a big gaming family that rarely goes more than a day without playing some variety of game together. I leave you with a haiku.

    Minecraft is super
    Building and breaking is great
    Coconut milk smells



    I’m Curtis Oakley (aka fredwaffles). I’ve been happily married to TrulyAnnoying for over two years. I live in Pleasant Grove Utah (which is near the cities where ScotyD_Utah and Scot from Frogpants live). I’m a Quality Assurance Engineer in Software Testing, basically I spend my day trying to break programs. I’m also going to BYU to get my bachelors degree in computer science.

    Feel free to visit us in our Gamma house.


    Hey Lendros23 here and I am Connor in real life and I live in New York (not NYC :P) love to play minecraft right now I work a lot now with redstone and pvp arenas. I am very good at pit, skypirates, guardian, and some others but I am very nice and very kind and I am looking forward to seeing  you all inside The Finalscore Minecraft server. Right now I am working on a piston/sand door in dev. fred gave me a plot for it and i used it so feel free to check it out. to find my plot (p.s. its kinda small) just go to dev and type /home Lendros23 have fun if it needs work I can fix it so if  I’m on just message me and I can come and fix it for you and then you can all see it (p.s. don’t break the redstone it took me forever to make it so please don’t spam the lever and dont break the redstone underneath)


    See you in game


    Hi, my name’s William (wogilvie in game) and I’m from Edinburgh, Scotland.  I’ve been listening to Scott Johnson and co since the ELR days and was around when the alpha world was relatively new.  I’ve been away for a while since I was studying for my undergraduate degree, now doing a master’s in Computer Science  at Edinburgh Uni but I need some time to unwind now and again and Minecraft fits in perfectly.

    See you all in game


    Hi, I’m Moleperson and I’m an animator in Vancouver, BC (Canada).  I’ve been playing Minecraft in creative type modes since Beta, but I’m a bit of a nub when it comes to survival mode and public servers.

    I’m a long time Frog Pants podcast listener, but never really participated in the community much (aside from my brief time playing SW:TOR when I joined AIE).  The way Scott Johnson talked about his community always intrigued me and when I found myself looking for a public Minecraft server this one seemed the obvious choice.

    I’ve carved out a bit of a homestead out in the wilds of the Delta map in the couple days since I’ve been playing here.  Feel free to hit me up for anything.



    Hey everyone, Veritec here. Or RJ (My real name) I’m 23 years old, 24 at the end of this month (March). I live in California and right now I work in retail(unfortunately) at a pet store. Working on my Bachelor’s Degree in Software Engineering at the moment, while still somehow finding the time to play video games in between. Right now I play a bit of WoW, DCUO, Guild Wars 2, and Minecraft. I also have a youtube channel, if you would like to check that out you can find it at


    Hope to meet you all on the server soon 🙂

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 68 total)
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