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    Hello. I am Faustous.
    I am originally from Michigan, but now make Virginia my home.
    I am a software engineer by trade and (because of the type of work I do and my ADHD) know too much about too many things that I shouldn’t bother with. I have a tendency to spout knowledge like I am a prophet… just ignore me 🙂

    I have been on the server for… awhile. Not sure how long, but my claim to fame is the MeatGrinder (which is think is working again). If I can get permissions for a huge plot of land, I think I will be making Marienburg Castle!

    LegoKip is my son, so let’s go back to village parenting: If you see him doing something wrong, wack him in the head and tell him “Dad said no!” 😉

    Current game list: Diablo 3, ARMA2: Day Z, Left4Dead2, Guild Wars 2.

    If you ever need anything, don’t hesitate to ask.
    The only stupid question is the one that wasn’t asked.
    … unless your a mod… then you should bring me cake before hand.


    Hello! My name is tupaput or Aput in the tadpool. I’m 22 just graduated college and spending my “job hunting days” playing way too much Minecraft and Diablo. Be sure to say hello if you see me. I’m really happy to have a server like this to play on. I’ve heard a lot of horror stories about playing online, but I trust almost anyone who listens to the Final Score.

    See you in the world of mines.


    Hello, My name is Mightybadgers. I am not actually whitelisted yet and was just wondering how i might go about it.

    Badgers are my thing, and I will not tolerate anyone dissing them in the chat OR ELSE…

    … I will kill them and burn their corpse, IRL!!!!!!

    so… i’m sure everyone will respect my opinions on that most beautiful of species of the mustalide variety.

    PS: whitelist PLZ

    PPS: 🙂

    Coder J

    Is it sad when I saw your name I thought of this:

    Almost as bad as a cake left in the rain.

    And I’ll never have that recipe again.


    Hi! I am Sandi777. I try to play a bit on the server but between work and kids, RL interferes with gaming time. I work as the Medical Records Director and Privacy Officer for a local hospital. It keeps me busy. When at home I help chase our 4 kids. Contrary to what some have asked, I am not the Mom to ALL the kids on the server–just 3 of them. I claim Bookat, Snorri600 and Designia. They are my 3 oldest girls and we have a 4 year old boy who is not yet allowed on the server. My husband is Gotrek600 who hasn’t been on in a while–he is currently obsessed with World of Tanks.
    We live in Idaho in the country and enjoy the slower pace here. The kids like to play on the server. They are usually pretty well behaved, but if you have an issue feel free to let me know.
    I’m looking forward to getting to know you all–it was fun to meet ScottyD and Tobeytobey over the weekend.
    See you around!



    I’m Aoirselvar, I just joined this server recently. I went to my first Nerdtacular and wanted to get more involved with the frogpants community. When I saw that final score had a minecraft server, I thought I’d come and check it out. Currently I’m homeless, wandering about the wilderness in Alpha searching for a suitable place. I’ve been playing minecraft for about a year, usually on my WoW guild’s quiet server (which has all but died since Diable 3 has come out).

    I’m a priest and hunter in WoW. I’ve dabbled in Diable, starcraft, among other things. In RL I’m a dad/husband, married almost 10 years with 4 little kids. During the day I work as a speech language pathologist in an elementary school. So, I’m around kids all day long. My 5 and 6 year old daughters are completely obsessed with minecraft, playing entirely in single player creative mode.

    I joined the server because I was interested in a more active server. I’d say I look forward to meeting everybody, but realistically, with how often my work/family life allows me to play, I’ll be very casual, probably making a nice little home in the woods somewhere, refuge from wondering creepers.

    Hope to see ya around.



    My name Malc0r. I’m 29 years old and have been a frogpants (Instance, Instance/TOR, TFS, TMS, Filmsack, Appslappy) fan for 2 years now. I bought Minecraft last week for my daughter and watched her play the singleplayer a bit. Tried it out later that night and instantly joined this server. I have no clue how to play and what to do, but I am looking forward to hanging out in this amazing world you all build.

    I found myself a small forest just north of the HUGE “Obey Henry” sign. I noticed a small structure but no signs so I assumed it was ok.

    Hope to talk to you all soon!



    Hello gents, I’m Nuno from Portugal. A 32 year old gamer who though constantly being told about Minecraft never payed much attention to it till 3 days ago. Now I guess I’m hooked!
    I remembered Scott had made a few videos playing it in a Frogpants related server. A quick search later and here I am.

    Been listening to Scott’s stuff since late ELR days, roughly 1 year before the end(?). I’m not very active in the forums/community but usually that’s always the case in all games. For some reason I tend to keep to myself while playing a game, maybe that will change in this game and server.

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    I’m Underhale, Theophile is my actual name but feel free to call me Teddy. I am 21 years old I live in beautiful New Hampshire, but I work as an EMT in Boston, MA. I’m also a student at UMass Lowell where I major in English and Western Civilization. Huge fan of Scoot and everything he does; I started off with The Instance then gradually got sucked into the Frogpants life. Huge avid WoW player I have several 85 toons, but my main is Underhale on Azuremyst so if you’re on there say hi!

    You’ve also might of noticed if you’ve ever been to my little area that I am absolutely HORRIBLE at Minecraft…I can dig a hole and mine that’s easy. But every time I build something it always turns into a giant square turd..I shall see you on the server!


    @Underhale: It’s a small world. I grew up in NH and now live in MA and work in Lowell.

    I look forward to seeing you around Minecraft.


    Its Komraa. Been on the server for a bit now just did really check the forums till a little while ago. I’m 30 and from Texas. I work for Halliburton and enjoy sweating and getting greasy.

    I play WoW and a few steam games so hit me up for my steam name and all the jazz if your interested. If you see me in Minecraft come by and say hi, I’m always up for building stuff so don’t be shy.

    Currently working on a place in alpha. It kind of get built when I get a spark of inspiration. I wouldn’t mind showing it off if yall are bored sometime. I have also found that I seem to enjoy building roads and sprucing up some of the hub areas. Like building paths or decorating existing paths. Or repairing small things that might have gotten destroyed somehow.

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    I’ve been holding off on reading these because I told myself that I wanted to give them the attention they deserved. Surely I would forget most of this if I didn’t give it the proper amount of time and the … okay, ya, I was intimidated — the amount of engineers and other professionals here, and I’m supposed to be the technical admin? What am I doing?! 😛 You guys are all amazing, even behind those fancy titles.

    My name is Michael (RealityIntern on the MyExtraLife forums), I’m 29 and live in Portland, Oregon, and I’ve been a part of this community since 2002 when I discovered RealToons. I usually prefer tactile games, so I tend to favor first person shooters for the majority of my gaming time, but I enjoy many genres (one of my favorite games being Psychonauts). An exception worth noting is the RPG. I love statistics, but I also like improving at things. RPGs shelve much of that progression into character stats so that I feel like I’m just going through the paces. And since I also refuse to pay a subscription to play a game, I sometimes feel like I’m the only person on the server who DIDN’T play WoW.

    So, I dabbled with Minecraft Classic a bit during the “indev” days, but waited to buy until near the end of Alpha because they were going to raise the price. I played on an in-home server with some friends until a whitelist was added to the FinalScore server a couple weeks after it was started. Like everyone else, I was intimidated by this giant world full of people. After wandering about for a bit, and without knowing it, I started clearing out an abandoned hole in a hill RIGHT next to spawn. It eventually became the Plaza Station. I kept going from there, building out the railway and stations around the world. Eventually, after noticing that all I did was build infrastructure, Scotty asked if I wanted to be a mod. (Interesting fact: I haven’t built a home on the server to this day, though the Engineers built one for me.) In late July I became an admin after stupidly volunteering for the job. I would list what I’m doing right now, but that kind of needs a whole new thread. I suppose I could mention the railways and stations in Delta that I’ve been working on.


    Hey all! My name is Brian, Alphareus on the ExtraLife forums and in AIE Azeroth. I’m 25, and work at an aerospace fastener company here in Torrance, CA. Just got my new desktop up and running (my sad old frankenbox gave up the ghost back in March), and can’t wait to start playing Minecraft again. I’m very new to the more complicated aspects of it (anything other than break stuff to get blocks, use blocks to craft and build, and kill bugs, zombies and other angry things), but have been doing a bit of reading when I can.

    Got one or two decent sized projects in mind once my brother and I can find some unclaimed land to build on. Hope to see you all in game!

    Also, feel free to say hi or join in if you see me on Steam, Diablo or WoW =)


    Hi I’m G_Oakmen, I’m a student from Europe. I along with my fellow European students live in a town called “What” on the server.

    Our group: Madeleinejane (once killed a player with a single arrow, from a different biome. If you see her in PVP, it’s over), ZXFEAR (Insanely large scale builder, frequently buying gunpowder(in joke)), Plainlazywill (lives in a house with his name on the side, also the ‘Brewmaster’ (self given title)), TomCaruth (He’s a fan of Samuel L. Jackson and WoW) and Nathanmac998 (We call him MC Lemon, we don’t know why).

    We’ve mostly been playing since beta 1.8 and before for ZXFEAR.

    I personally enjoy and try to infuse my builds with detail as much as possible, taking inspiration from the Noxcrew and Sjin. I can’t claim success at this, but I try my hardest 😀
    ZXFEAR and I love our redstone, he knows what he’s doing and I’m great at watching tutorials and remembering them 😉
    Madeleinejane loves her underwater houses, they aren’t Atlantis. But she’s not shankomatic
    TomCaruth loves his airship home and spends at lot of time in his floating library.
    Plainlazywill always has a potion brewing, just don’t let him near you with a splash pot 😉
    Nathmac998 has been in all of our builds and helps with the crazier projects from ZXFEAR and I 🙂

    We hope to bring more to the server, especially ZXFEAR and I. We’ve got some big builds coming he’s got the scale and I’ve got the detail.

    I can safely say we all love the server and the general consensus from us is that you’re all great people, thanks for that 🙂

    I speak for all of us when I say, thanks to the community, the admins and especially coderj who helped us get whitelisted and ohio4h who helped us when we got griefed.


    My name is Jeffrey. I was born and raised in Florida but currently stationed in Texas. I have been in the Army for 10 years and will probably end up retiring from it in one way or another. I have had a couple different jobs while in the service and feel very fortunate for the experience I have received. I started out as military police, but was bored and wanted a change. I than volunteered to be a Ranger as a medic and did that for 4 years. Next I was a flight medic on a Blackhawk and had a great time. I just recently got stationed in Texas doing a job I hate and I am trying to change to information systems.

    I have been involved with the community for a couple years and listened to Scott and Randy for a long to time before that. I am a bit anti-social IRL and for some unknown reason its easier to deal with in games. I will usually be very talkative in game so if I ever need to shut up just let me know.

    I started playing minecraft last month. I havent played WoW in a few months and got 4 characters to 50 in D3 and was just bored. I was looking for a new game to play and was not sure what I wanted to play. I tried the free version of MC for about 30 minutes and then got the full game and immediately asked to be put on the whitelist. The server is great and the people are awesome. I built an ugly sand bi-plane on delta thanks to Shankomatic and all the extra sandstone I had. Currently thinking about a Team crafting PVP mini game. I am always willing to help with any projects people have going and pressing random buttons of doom.

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