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    Hi everyone, thought I would introduce myself, along with my Son. Well I am Nick20Q, you might know me from AIE as Dornoll, or maybe from 2 random questions for Scott and Brian on TMS. Well either way Hi and hope everyone is well.
    Also my son, JTMcKinney has been on the server for some time. I decided to join him for a once a week (or more) build.
    The biggest reason I joined is to get used to minecraft, going to start using the EDU version (our kids are homeschooled) and to have fun with a great community
    So if you see us around say hi.
    Take care,

    AKA Nick20Q


    Thought I might as well post here. Name is Wes, aka Kathumandu. Ive been playing MC for… a very long time. Alpha if i remember correctly. Joined the server back in the Pre-Alpha world, but didnt do much there. Then, once I heard they had remade the world into what we now know as alpha, I joined up, and the rest is history.

    I tend to be the explorer. If you go to the live map, you see the one spit of land that seems to just streak off to the end of nowhere, with seemingly no reason. Yeah that was me. The other locations I created where the TK castle, New Dalaran, and a few other smaller alpha projects. I was working on a large castle in gamma, but due to not having much free time anymore, ive decided to put that on the back burner for now till the rail is done.

    Ive been working on a minecart track to come back from my greenhouse I made with my brother Infuryo. I have it partial set up already, from the greenhouse to Masyf Outpost, then to new dalaran. From there, it will go to the TK castle, then the Hinterlands station. If you ever happen to be on, id recommend the trip, it is a rather majestic and fun ride.

    So yeah… thats pretty much it. If anyone has any questions, feel free to add me on steam. Name is Kathumandu.

    I also play Civilization V: BNW, Star Trek Online, Starcraft 2: HotS, Hearthstone, and of course minecraft.


    Hello all. I am the KING of INSANITY! I have only about 6 months experience with Minecraft, but I know more than many longtime players. I have been playing on the server for a few weeks by now, and so far I love it. I have a home in Gamma, near the edge of the map. I am working on a zombie pigman gold farm nearby. It is fully functional, but I am still expanding it. I am working on a building for my shop and a Nether-themed home near my current one. If you ever need help or resources, ask me.


    Hello all
    i am eeski , i am very new to minecraft as only had the game just over a month or 2 , but been listen to finalscore for a few years so was only ever one place for me to try the game. I still know very little about the game really i feel. So if anyone sees me say Hi
    if there is are some server projects please let me know would be happy to help out were i can , although i live in the UK so i am on before most people i would think.


    Hey, Im Lisa, New to minecraft. not sure how to get whitelisted. having trouble doing things. Bt having fun exploring. like it so far


    Hello everyone. I call myself Shahirani in minecraft and Shahiran Shahrani is my rl name. I’m a health promoter from Brunei Darussalam. Thats a tiny sultanate on the island of Borneo.

    I’ve played WoW and other mmos (where my mains are usually called Shahiran – Ikr, I’m very creative with names) with AIE and listen to TFS. Hence when I started playing minecraft, I decided on the TFS server.

    I’m very new to the game but I’ve listened to and watched the Yogscast videos ever since 2011, so I’m familiar with it and its Yogs-featured mods. My first experience of the game is single-player with the Yogscast “Moonquest” inspired mods and proceeded to cheat in materials. This was a few days ago, so I’m a bit scared of meeting zombies without diamond armour.

    I don’t know what “region” means but I see a nice spot on the live map near a lake on Omega that looks promising and will be heading out there next time I log in. I hope I won’t be building in someone’s backyard

    I’m also deathly afraid of heights and squeals like a big baabie if I fall off a nerd pole.


    Hi, everyone! This is Maeva from the Tadpool. I live in Des Moines, IA with WunnTrueKevin. I’ve been playing Minecraft for a few months and love it. I wish I’d tried it sooner. Watching Rooster Teeth Let’s Play Minecraft finally convinced me. I have a long MMO history – Wow, DDO, SWG, etc – but am currently on a break. I am amazed at all the wonderful stuff you guys have created! I’m excited to contribute. 🙂


    My name is Brian and I’m from Texas. I’m BriGuy in the Tadpool, AIE forums and games, Chantar in WoW (when I play, but it’s been a while), Brian Allen@n1bb13r in Star Trek Online, Brellin@n1bb13r in Neverwinter, and you might find me wandering into the occasional AIE Nomads game every now and then. I just started playing Minecraft a few weeks ago and am still learning, but I’m having a blast! Glad to have a place to play this game with my AIE guildmates.

Viewing 8 posts - 61 through 68 (of 68 total)
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