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    If you are fairly new to the server please introduce yourself here. Good way for us to get to know our community better.


    I will start. I am Scottyd. I am from California but now claim Utah as my home. I work as a Web Developer when I am not playing games. I have been on The Final Score Minecraft server since the begining. I with a few others helped moderate the server where needed. Eventually I took over hosting the server and moved it to a new location. I became the admin at that time. Somehow I convinced PseudoKnight to help me Admin the server and it has continued to grow and flourish. The server has been running for over a year and has been very active.

    Some of the things I have built on the server. I like to do a lot of pixel art. It started in alpha. I have done many Frogpants logos and artwork. I have added somemore in Delta. Currently working on a little project dedicated to The Instance.

    I also have a couple areas in each world I like to call home and do little projects around there.

    If you see me in game feel free to say hi.



    I’m Tony, aka Goldfather in most games. Fairly new to the server, joined about a month ago.
    I live in ohio, working towards a mech engineering degree at college, and other than that just your typical college dude lol

    Been listening to lots of Frogpants podcasts for a while and just now getting myself more involved in the community.
    I play WoW regularly, tried SWTOR and will resub soon, and aside from those I play Skyrim, Fallout New Vegas, and Battlefield 3 now and then. Studying takes up a lot of my gaming time though lol.

    Been out in the desert on delta just getting used to the game and figures my first little base I build is a Horde Orgrimmar tower lol… horde for life I guess lol

    Coder J

    CoderJ, electrician and programmer by trade. Been playing Minecraft since alpha, but only recently really got into multiplayer (for some reason, creative MP didn’t appeal to me). I haven’t built much on the server yet; a small home in delta, a larger complex in Gamma (with the outline of the hotel/tower I’m building laid down in the new area), School of Redstone, and Grand Central (tbh, I had a lot of help from PK with the School and Grand Central).

    Right now, I’m in the desert slaving away on a project… or dying a lot.

    When I’m not on MC, chances are I’m leveling in WoW or playing various other games (just grabbed Unstoppable Gorg from Humble Indie Bundle, been playing Tribes: Ascend, and I like to dabble into the other plethora of games I have downloaded from Steam but haven’t played… cursed winter sale…)


    Susskins here. In real life, I’m Keith. I do email support for a Twin Cities law firm, and have learned a lot about working with attorneys out of sheer self defence.

    My gaming is split primarily between Minecraft, WoW and TOR. I have plenty to do because of that.

    I’m a combination of goofball, antisocial and raging 50-year-old man-child.


    I am Nefyoni, from Ohio. I currently go to college with the aim of getting a Wide-Area Networking Technology degree. I used to vary my games a bit, but nowadays it’s mostly Minecraft, WoW & small iOS games that only take up minutes at time (toilet games).

    Let’s see, I get migraines (usually daily) so sometimes I may be acting weird because of the medications I take to relieve that pain. Asdialed is my girlfriend. I am writing this as I avoiding working on my Java final.

    Recently I spend a lot of my time on the server in Custom world working on Events for the Server. When I build Survival projects, it’s usually in Gamma where my home is at (Under the Tardis). Projects I have done include the Tardis with pixel 9th, 10th & 11th Doctors. The Tremors Pixel Art in the desert, though it is not finished yet (needs a car and some background stuff).

    I have a survival maze that is in progress in Alpha, but have not recently felt like working on it, it as a pixel art xbox 360 controller on the roof. In Final City adialed and I tried to have unique house so it’s made out of Logs & leaves.

    Also, in WoW asdialed and I DO have some horde characters in AIE but we spend most of our time as Alliance on the Terenas realm. We have our own guild there. It started as an alt guild/bank for our characters but we and some other friends decided to invest it and and build it up. It’s currently at level 12 (which I think is impressive because we don’t have many active members, 6). I am mentioning it in case anyone would like to join us for some fun, currenly Scotty & Coder play there with us. //end advertisement
    //end rant


    I am Yellowskin, from Vancouver, Canada. I currently working as a draftsman in a Structural Engineering firm. Learned of the game through the FinalScore Podcast and originally started playing it on my iPad.

    My gaming history is not as big as most but did played Starcraft and Diablo back when it was current. And my recent activities are mostly on consoles. Only WoW and Minecraft (well, Diablo beta) on my PC atm.


    Tovardy here, from the Bay Area in California. Currently I work as QA engineer at Roku, makers of fine set top streaming boxes. I’ve been on the server since the beginning and mainly spend my time working on my holdings in Alpha with small bases in Delta and Gamma. Also I brought you the useless Tovardy’s Highway to the Hinterlands 1.0 in Alpha and 2.0 in Delta.

    Aside from Minecraft I play a lot of Mass Effect, BF3, Star Trek Online, SWTOR, World of Tanks and other games. Used to play WoW as Petronius, Orc Shaman on Greymane. I stopped playing about the time I ended up winning one of the blades that ran Greymane in the server charity auction, odd how that worked out =).

    I’m really excited about the two upcoming Mechwarrior games where I will surely do as poorly as I have in past Mechwarrior games but it should be lots of fun.

    As far as community stuff goes, aside from this server I do join in with the Giant Bomb community from time to time when they are doing runs in Battlefield or another game I have.

    I’d like to thank you all for making this server so awesome, its nice to be able to unwind here after a brain frying day of watching Commando 4 times in a row for testing.


    I am JewmanGroup. Got the name from a racist friend when me and my band were trying to talk the local music shop into selling us our instruments a bit cheaper seeing as we were all buying one.

    I have played Minecraft since Alpha. I’m ok with redstone but I just like to make anything that I find interesting.
    Ive been on this server almost 3 week.s I started out building a mineshaft and base of operations. Then I built skycity.
    I am currently studying for finals so you may not hear from me much till Thursday or so.

    On the real world side. I’m a full time student of Computer Science. Whether it’s cause of class or because I feel like it I am always playing around with code. I have alot of experience with Android and Bukkit development, as well as java and C++. Recently I have started moding the Minecraft client because I hate falling to my death and I live and work on a SkyCity. I can use shift to toggle between crouching an not, instead of holding it down. ^_^ I also did some stuff with Full Bright but it looks ugly. I even can just press k and L to automatically /home or /spawn, so if i am falling or on fire i can just press K and teleport home in some water and survive. Makes making a SkyCity a bit easier.

    This server is the best I have ever played on. The community is great and is HUGE!! I also like that I can just pop over to alpha and see creations as far as my graphics card can render (Not very far at all). The best part is being able to freely claim a reasonable plot or 10. No payment plans or anything like that.

    I prefer the challenge of having to get the materials to build cool stuff rather than just using creative or too many items. It makes awesome stuff that much more awesome


    I am ohio4h from… Ohio. I have been playing Minecraft off and on with friends since late alpha. I have been active in the building of Undercity and also built the UC dark room mob spawner. I heard about the server from Scott when he started talking about playing and I got a bit of an urge to jump back in.

    In real life I work for a company that builds and repairs Bell automation equipment and electronic carillons. I travel all over the country installing and working on all sorts of neat stuff. On the weekends (because I don’t have enough to do) I also run a small kettle corn concessionary.

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    Lot of Ohioans here, may need a Buckeyes logo built lol

    From Toledo myself, lived in Cincy for a bit, spent summers in Cleveland, Sandusky, and Norwalk pretty often


    As you can tell from the helpful information to the left, I go by TriggerHappyNDB. Feel free to call me Nick if I happen to stumble into Mumble.

    Admittedly, I haven’t been very active as of late, but I’d like to fix that. I started playing back in, oh, early February and was around for almost a month or so (I believe) before I lost my job as an assistant system administrator at a small software company in Boulder, Colorado. Thankfully, I am now happily employed at IBM as a server operations specialist, so I’m poised to make a comeback to the world of Minecraft. That should explain what brought me back to the FinalScoreMC website–once you’ve gotten a taste for this server, it’s hard to imagine playing anywhere else! I came across the server as many have in the past and surely will in the future: I’m a fan of Frogpants podcasts and inevitably heard about the Final Score server.

    My building style is a strange mixture of grandiosity and practicality; I like to make things that have equal parts function and form. For example, I’ve planned a private portal network on the server to my various abodes in which each portal is incorporated into the design of an airship. This gives the (somewhat obvious) illusion that you are riding the airship to each destination, rather than simply teleporting. A lot more work, yes, but that’s what Minecraft is for, amirite?

    I tend to be obsessive with measurements and perfection in my designs, which has lead to many frustrating moments, but also many feelings of great achievement. I was also briefly a conduit for Nefyoni’s pranks, but wouldn’t assume I’m in any way unique in that way.

    My hobbies include many video games, hiking, biking, and the occasional bit of graphic artistry through PhotoShop. For example, I would happily provide the FinalScoreMC site with additional art assets if they had a specific desire (hint hint).

    My thanks to the dedicated folks that make this flat world of a server of ours turn. My hat is off to your creativity and passion for the community here and I hope I can hop back on and contribute to what you’re doing soon.


    I’m also slightly obsessed with PhotoShop (hint hint) so I guess Trigger and I could collaborate on any projects 😉

    And yes, Trigger. It means your very unique. In many different ways. ;D


    Hi, my name is voyager1713. I’ll answer to voy, voyager, hey you, and get off my lawn. I’ll also answer to Colt (real name). I’m an electronics engineer and live and work in South Florida. I work at a semiconductor firm growing the base materials.

    My current hobbies are 3d printers, D&D, flying my quadcopter, building a hexacopter, and legos.

    I’ve been playing minecraft since Alpha and this server is the first one that I have consistently played for longer than a month. The others always seemed to succumb to greifers or massive amounts of drama.

    Current projects I’m working on are the South Gamma Causeway, a labyrinth maze in Gamma, and a Saturn V rocket (wool collection takes a while).

    Completed projects so far are my Island home in Gamma and the Space Shuttle pixel art.

    I’m always willing to help anyone with their projects if they need it, so if you see me online, just ask.

    I just want to say thanks for running such a kickass server.


    Hey guys! My name is Joel and I just bought Minecraft today! I have almost zero experience with it, so I’m playing around on single player mostly, but I’m trying to figure out how this multiplayer server works too. I read all the rules, but if I do something wrong just yell at me and I’ll quit.

    see ya in game 🙂

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