Lots of Random Bits

I did a bunch of little stuff and wanted to post an update. For starters, I’ve been testing out market plugins and going through a process of elimination. I have two decent options that I’ll present to you shortly — iConomy/ChestShop and/or PhysicalShop — as well as some possible plans on how to manage the economy. There’s no plans for tolls, fees, loans, interest, taxes, etc. The primary goal is just to lubricate the bartering process for people.

I’m starting to fill out the /help command. It’s a good starting point to get the easy stuff out of the way. Then I can tackle some of the more complicated things with guides.

You may have noticed /join and /invite are broken right now. This is MCMyAdmin’s fault. They haven’t updated their Bukkit plugin in ages despite acknowledging the issues. I’m moving some of the commands over to a more stable plugin. For now, try /call instead of /join and let me know how it goes.

I installed LagMeter to keep an eye on our server performance. This just in, we’re doing wonderfully! 😀

I also installed BananaChunk, which should ensure the chunk loads for you when you teleport. It’s another low priority plugin that’ll hit the chopping block at the first sign of trouble, but that was an annoying issue I’m glad to be rid of.

I have ideas to make a more informative plugin and player pages on this website. The plugin pages will expose configurations so that people can see what’s been done, categorize which stage of consideration each plugin is in, and give some guidelines on which type of plugins are compatible with the server. Right now it’s hard for people to understand exactly what’s different on this server from vanilla. This will be my attempt to remedy that from the plugin perspective. It’ll also help people more interested in participating in plugin discussions.

I’ve started a Final City project page, but it’s bare right now. It’ll contain more information about what we’re going for, who can help and with what — stuff like that. We WANT people to participate. This is everyone’s city. There will be a Colosseum for arena game types. There will be a marketplace so you can buy and sell materials. There will be skyscrapers where you can build your loft. There will be a grand central rail station. And more.

We’re adding more markers for Dynmap, particularly for the new world right now. If you have any requests for marker types, let me know. Currently we have homes, rail stations, and some landmarks. Check them all out on the left ‘layer’ toggler.

I’ve added another flag to the available region flags for region owners. This time it’s creeper-explosion, so you don’t have to worry about your building being damaged when you’re away if you don’t want to. I’m going to add more flags in the future. Check out the commands page for reference.

Sheep are changed again. Instead of regrowing their wool every 30 minutes, you can now feed them wheat to have them regrow it. Once they have their wool back, they’ll resume their ‘breeding’ when you feed them. This works for all sheep colors!

Wooh… that was a long post. Have a good week, guys and gals!

4 comments on “Lots of Random Bits

  1. PseudoKnight Post author

    Oh boy. That almost reads like a todo list. One thing I didn’t mention was that I’m trying to build a reference for moderators, so that should help. Also, I’m testing out some ways to make “claims” easier, so that people can make their own basic regions! 😀

  2. Jaysoncopes

    Ok, so I noticed that you were getting a plugin for making sure, “chunk loads for you when you teleport”. This WILL be handy, but I have actually experienced half of the world not being built. I will be on a mine cart from Central Station to the Beach area, and all of a sudden, I fall off the world and I’m falling through space. Is there a way for you or I to fix that?

  3. PseudoKnight Post author

    I’ve experienced that in the past, but not since we changed servers. That’s usually a bandwidth issue. You’re going too fast for you to get the chunks sent to you through your internet connection. They should eventually load, though, if you stop. You should also continue along the rail safely when this happens, as that’s calculated on the server. Chunks sometimes don’t load in spurts, though, due to a sudden resource spike. Like, say, the server is saving or someone joins the server.

    There are other chunk-loading plugins that try and distribute loading chunks better. I may try those again in the future, but they can have their own little quirks.

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