Page Last Updated: 2015-07-24

API version: Spigot 1.8.7-R0.1 — built on 2015-07-22

Plugin Name PK’s Overview Version Last Updated
CommandHelper #2913 2015-07-24
I can’t recommend this plugin enough. It allows admins to write scripts to create custom functionality on their server. There’s just so much to this that it could use its own page. You can see our scripts here. (w/ extensions: CHVirtualChest, >CHSpigot, CHDynMap, SKCompat, CHCitizens, CHNaughty)
Citizens 2.0.16 (build 1251) 2015-07-22
Handles custom controllable NPCs.
OpenInv 2.3.3 2015-07-21
Allows moderators to open and modify other player’s inventories and enderchests.
Multiverse-Inventories 2.5-custom-branch 2015-07-21
Manage multiple inventories per player per world groups.
LogBlock 1.94 (build #260) 2015-07-18
Logs block creation/deletion and chest content changes. This is a powerful tool for grief detection and rollback, or just keeping track of things.
WorldEdit 6.1.1-3392 2015-07-17
Enables players to make selections. It’s also an advanced moderator tool for fast block editing.
WorldGuard 6.1.1 #1618 2015-07-08
Large plugin that manages protections (eg. lightning fire, enderman griefing) as well as regions, which can give ownership of land to players as well as change functionality for particular areas.
WorldBorder 1.8.4 2014-06-24
Prevents players from generating too much terrain. This keeps world file sizes manageable as well as prevent some sprawl.
DynMap 2.2 2015-05-09
Generates a live web accessible map with current players, regions, and some markers. (plus a modified version of Dynmap-WorldGuard)
Deadbolt 2.2 #21 2014-12-09
Allows for private chests, trapped chests, dispensers, furnaces, doors, and hatches. Simple use: right-click a chest with a sign in your hand to lock the chest. You can also type other player names on the 3rd and 4th line.
PermissionsBukkit PK’s Overview 2.4b 2014-08-12
A core plugin that manages player groups and permissions. Now uses UUIDs for offline players.
Multiverse-Core 2.5-b691 2014-08-06
World creation and management.
Vanish No Packet 3.19.1 2014-07-10
Let’s moderators go invisible so they’re non-invasive.
PhysicalShop 9.2.x 2013-12-19
Allows players to create their own chest shops to sell or buy materials for gold. Check out the guide. This plugin is showing its age and I’m having to update it myself.
Multiverse-NetherPortals 2.5-b653 2013-02-21
Handles world linking with nether portals.
Stargate 2013-02-11
Enables players to create networks of interconnected Stargates for teleportation between locations. This is configured with a custom stargate design. Check out the guide on how to make them.
Insomnia 1.0.0 2012-04-20
Allows players to set their bed respawn point without it being night.
CleanroomGenerator PK’s Overview 1.0.0 2012-03-31
Generates custom layered world (flat worlds). In this case, I’m using it to generate air on Alpha and Custom on all new chunks.
JukeboxControl PK’s Overview 0.0.3 2012-03-04
Redstone power will trigger jukeboxes to play with this plugin. *This has been behaving differently ever since 1.5, but it works.