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[NOTE: This poll is over. I’ll be posting more later. Thanks to the 18 people who participated. I’m getting some useful information.]

I’m going to add some polls occasionally here (instead of the forums) to get some opinions on various server decisions. Your votes help, but don’t feel you have to answer every one of them. Some of these polls require some extra information. I’ll do my best to provide that, but I may miss some things.

iConomy is a currency plugin for Minecraft/Bukkit that a few people have asked for. It’s the most widely used of the currency plugins and can be used however we like with the help of other plugins that tap into it. I’ve recently given a lot of thought about how the economy on our world should work. Ideally I’d like the market to be built first at Final City, but I wanted to get people’s opinions first.
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To go with iConomy, a recommended plugin is ChestShop. The advantage of this kind of shop is that (like Lockette/Deadbolt) it uses signs and chests for storage and operations instead of databases. The sign layout can be a bit confusing at first, but it’s something people can get used to. There are other plugins that look prettier, though. This one is the best functionally, I think. Alternatives include BetterShop, DuckShop, and the fancy ShowCase shop.
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Another thing I’ve been thinking about lately is ways for people to get information — eg. what commands are available, how to setup stargates. We can continue to build up the site for a reference, but we can also put things in-world for people to learn from, like block annotations, signs, and a built-out /help command.
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Lastly for today, I’m curious about what people think of the current difficulty of the different worlds. We can set them each independently, so we could have the nether harder or maybe specific overworlds. Right now everything is on easy. See what the difference is here.
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Polls too limiting for your answers? Please comment!

3 comments on “Help Us Determine Our Future

  1. Tootseyroll

    Thanks for setting up the poll. The answers seem perfect, I feel too many choices would not utilize the information you need to make the server better. Actually I think it is great and can only get better. Thanks for all of your hard work.

  2. PseudoKnight Post author

    Oh weird. Just noticed the “information” poll didn’t take the option to have multiple choices. Sorry about that. I’ll have to have a revised one in the future.

  3. esfisher

    Thanks for creating the poll. I would look forward to an economy plugin. Anything that allows people to trade even if they are offline is a good thing.

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