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New Recipes

A couple of recipes were added in today’s 1.8 snapshot, so I added them to our server ahead of time. Using a combination of gravel and dirt, you can now craft “coarse dirt”, which is the dirt where grass cannot grow. You can also bake stone brick to make cracked stone brick.


To facilitate coarse dirt, I also made it drop itself when you break it. This means you can also get coarse dirt from mega taiga biomes, where this stuff naturally generates. There does not appear to be a way to make coarse dirt back into regular dirt in the snapshot, so be careful for now. All coarse dirt will get the new coarse dirt texture when we update to 1.8 in the future.


Ways You Can Contribute

What’s your passion? If you’re interested in contributing to the server in more ways, below are just a few examples in which you can do that. If any of these pique your interest, get in contact with the appropriate staff. As always, jumping onto our Mumble server is a great way to get in contact and more involved in the events and decisions for the server.

Arena Building

Do you have a passion for game design or level design theory for PVP, mob-arenas or other mini-games? Maybe you have an eye for sprucing up plain but well-designed layouts without interfering with the gameplay? Maybe you just want to try. This will probably entail cooperation with other builders and coders.

Obstacle Courses

We have an array of obstacle courses, but I don’t think we’ve fully tapped the potential here. We could use some technical builders who can make something fun at its core while offering an interesting challenge. Aesthetic builders are also desirable here, to help the more technically inclined builders make things look good. We’re not necessarily looking for more of the same type of courses at this time. I’d like to see some different types (with good check-pointing and consideration for multiple players). Some more speed-running focused courses or clever puzzle courses could be nice, as some examples.
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Equipment Slots in FrogPark Games

Not everyone chooses the same slots for their weapons and tools. I thought I’d ask you guys which slots you prefer to help us better setup the kits for our games. Note that I only include 1-5 for number key users. This doesn’t matter nearly as much for exclusively scroll wheel players, but you can still vote. Perhaps think of slots relatively within those 5 spots.
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Proposal: East-West Road

Go to the live map, choose Omega, and turn on regions. There’s a long region going East-West where I’m proposing we build a long wide road, much like our North-South road. We can have an interchange in the mountain just north of spawn. We don’t need to take these roads to the edge of the world. There are some natural end points. For example, in the East, it looks like a mesa plateau would be a nice capping point.

Proposed East-West Road

  • Yes (100%, 17 Votes)
  • No (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 17

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Post 3rd Year Anniversary

72 people participated in the event. I found it even more memorable than founding Final City when we first opened Delta. While we waited for the opening, we played some games. Froggerooh setup the staging area around what he liked to call the “Omega Relay”, a massive Stargate that would ceremoniously teleport us to the new world. After a 20 second countdown, I fired up the Stargate and much fireworks, as people rushed through the event horizon.


In the first day we built nearly a kilometer of our highway. Here you can see me laying the first part of the road in what is now spawn.


I was impressed with the organization. Several players brought massive amounts of resources and gear to help out (I tried listing them here, but far too many people contributed! Though, some went way beyond the call.), which together with the labor made building the road almost too fast to manage. I was scrambling to keep up. At our peak we had 31 players on, some new and old faces. This shot was taken 11 minutes after countdown, and we had 29 an hour and a half later. We had about half the players in Mumble.


We took a break a few hours later to play some mini-games over at FrogPark, which was fun. Scottyd and I streamed the whole thing.

This is what the world looks like 36 hours later.


Thanks for coming, guys. I hope we can do more things like that in the future.

(screenshots courtesy of froggerooh)


3rd Year Anniversary

On Saturday, February 8th it’ll be our third year anniversary since the Alpha world was first created. To celebrate this event, we’ll be launching our fourth world — Omega! The gate will be opened at 1PM Pacific / 4PM Eastern. You can bring any gear and materials you want with you to establish our new spawn city. This city will be stretched along part of a straight main road which will eventually cross over the whole world (for minecarts, walking, and horse riding). We’ve tentatively chosen a design for this road primarily made of birch wood, spruce wood, rails and gravel, so bring some of that if you can. If you don’t have the gear to protect yourself, don’t worry, some will be provided in this group project.

More details may be coming soon. I’ll see you there!


Minecraft 1.7.2

We has it.


This was the longest transition in our server’s history, but there was good reason. Mojang changed so much of the underlying code that it took the Bukkit team over a month just to be able to compile the first development build, less than a week ago. While it’s still under development, with bugs and missing support for new features, Craftbukkit is stable enough that I was able to safely update the server. (after a couple workarounds) We’re running the Spigot fork because of a particular commit regarding item frames. I was hoping mods like Optifine would arrive in time, but there’s no telling how long that’ll take. It’s likely we won’t see many mods at all for 1.7.2, as 1.7.3 is just around the corner. Fortunately for us, 1.7.3 clients can connect to 1.7.2 servers, so we won’t have to wait for that.

The big news for our server with 1.7 is the new world, but we’re holding off on that until another day — possibly Sunday — so that more people can participate. The world will be named Omega, barring any changes in the poll, and will likely have a major city named Theta. We plan to have a major thoroughfare straight through the center of the map that people can build along. Designs on that are in the works near dev spawn. In addition, I’ll be adding a 1.7 outworld, probably tomorrow, so that people can strip mine some stained clay. (please avoid that in Omega)

Please report any server-side bugs in the comments below so that I can address them. I expect things to break. We tested anything that we knew may be sensitive to the changes, but I’m sure we’ve missed something.

Hey, look.. you’re informed. I can sleep now.


We now have a lush new 1.7 terrain outworld where you can get all your 1.7 goodies. There is a mesa biome, I checked. Enjoy.