3rd Year Anniversary

On Saturday, February 8th it’ll be our third year anniversary since the Alpha world was first created. To celebrate this event, we’ll be launching our fourth world — Omega! The gate will be opened at 1PM Pacific / 4PM Eastern. You can bring any gear and materials you want with you to establish our new spawn city. This city will be stretched along part of a straight main road which will eventually cross over the whole world (for minecarts, walking, and horse riding). We’ve tentatively chosen a design for this road primarily made of birch wood, spruce wood, rails and gravel, so bring some of that if you can. If you don’t have the gear to protect yourself, don’t worry, some will be provided in this group project.

More details may be coming soon. I’ll see you there!

4 comments on “3rd Year Anniversary

    1. PseudoKnight Post author

      I think there’s only one biome area I’d want to actively preserve, and that’s our single iced spike biome. (if I’m going to use the seed I’m currently on)

  1. king_of_insanity

    I have several stacks of spruce logs and saplings from building in a taiga, so I can bring that. Also, I would like to build a city/town composed partly of gold. Anyone interested?

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