Proposal: East-West Road

Go to the live map, choose Omega, and turn on regions. There’s a long region going East-West where I’m proposing we build a long wide road, much like our North-South road. We can have an interchange in the mountain just north of spawn. We don’t need to take these roads to the edge of the world. There are some natural end points. For example, in the East, it looks like a mesa plateau would be a nice capping point.

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3 comments on “Proposal: East-West Road

    1. PseudoKnight Post author

      I pushed this proposal now instead of later because people will soon build in places that will conflict with the East-West road. It was already a little tricky to find this one position. I confirmed the location with cristianvs already. So now that people seem 100% behind this, I think I’m going to carve out some foundation so that people can see where it’s going.

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