Minecraft 1.11

This update wasn’t quite as easy as 1.10, but at least it was easier than 1.9. Still, the entity changes and shulker box support took a lot of time to work out. Fortunately, since the Spigot team was ahead of schedule on the initial release, I was able to test earlier than planned. This means we managed to obtain the Nov 21st release date that I thought only had a small chance of happening. (and at 1AM PST, no less)

So you probably should know a few things.

The outworld is planned next, but that’ll take another day. This is where you’ll get most of your shulker shells, though some people have spawn eggs for them. Unfortunately, I can’t emphasize the Woodland Mansion on this server. I’ll do my best, but it takes a lot of resources for a one-off event with very little reward. I’ll be looking at ways to integrate the new mobs elsewhere to offset this. Llamas are going to be more available in the outworld too, but they can still spawn in other worlds if the animal cap hasn’t been reached.

There’s also a few low priority issues (eg. cross-world horse teleports don’t work… again) but things should be stable. If you do run into a new problem, please report it to me on the server or on Trello. I’m keeping a list on the Minecraft 1.11 card if you want to keep track of what I’m doing next.

Mob Limits
With the introduction of maxEntityCramming, I’ve removed one of my own grinder limits and replaced it with this new functionality. I’ve set the value to 140 (default: 24), which matches the weighted iron pressure plate. This is still up for discussion, but it shouldn’t affect current machines at 140. (my previous limit was around 150)

If you have any questions, you can use the below comments to ask them, or see me in-game. View the full list of changes on the Minecraft Wiki. Don’t forget Optifine 1.11 (Preview)! Have fun!

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