Server Status

This regards the hosting issues from April 26 – April 29.

Update – 4/29
So, they fixed the problem and I restored everything the best I could with LogBlock. If you didn’t play on the 25th or the 26th, you should be completely unaffected. The only things that were saved during this period are block changes and block inventory changes (chest, furnace, etc). Here’s some things to keep in mind:

LogBlock Oddities
LogBlock does not place doors and signs correctly all the time, so they may have dropped onto the ground. Any signs and doors (and possibly other attachables) you placed during this period may need to be re-placed. There are a few other edge cases with LogBlock that may leave undesirable results, so make sure to look over your builds you did on those days. I fixed what I noticed.

Player Inventories
While I could recover construction and chest content changes, I cannot recover player inventory or enderchest changes. This means your inventory will be as it was the morning of the 25th. Depending on what you were doing at the time, this may result in some items being lost. For example, if took a diamond pickaxe out of chest, it would remove it from the chest but it will not be in your inventory now. (It’s just as possible that items will be duplicated) I can probably fix these, I just need to be notified on a case-by-case basis.

Please ask for assistance if you need it. (use /msg PseudoKnight, which works even if I’m offline) I will get to it as soon as I can.

Update – 4/28
They said they fixed it, but it happened again. The server keeps getting rolled back to the 25th. I turned off the server again until they actually fix it.

Original Post – 4/27
I turned off the server until which time it appears to be stable. The host keep resetting the server files every night to the same backup. It’s going to get more messy if I let people change things around too much on the server. It took me hours to clean it up last time. I’ll consider putting only Frog Park up or a temporary world if this becomes a long term problem that requires switching hosts immediately. I’m doing an extensive local backup to be sure nothing gets lost.

I’m sorry about this.

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    Thank you PK. It is obvious that this is not your fault. Our host seems to think its groundhog day every day. Also, I hope you can at least recover the work we did yesterday. I appreciate all you can do and already are doing.


      Thank you, thank you. PK we appreciate all that you do to help us have a nice experience on final score. There are no servers quite as nice as this one and I am grateful for your efforts to keep our server that way.

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