Our Server and Minecraft 1.9

Wow, it’s been a long time since we updated, and what a crazy update this has been so far. Knowing some of the challenges I’d have to face, I started work on this 4 weeks ago. 12 days ago Minecraft 1.9 was released, and some new challenges popped their ugly faces up. After a partial rewrite of the inventory system I had been working on, and some bug fixes from the great folks working on Spigot and other plugins, I finally managed to address all the major ones that I know of. This does not mean we’re bug free. We’ve been on 1.8 for a long time so some of you may not remember how shaky things can be at first. My goal is for you to not notice. So yay if everything goes smoothly for you! For others, please report issues here, on Trello, or via offline message on the server. But before you do, make note of these things:


All multiplayer games could be broken in some ways. These were barely tested for obvious reasons and I already know some things that need to be fixed. Give me a week before reporting issues on these. I’ll also be looking at addressing some of the parkour courses. If they’ve increased in difficulty, that’s fine. I’ll get to it. If somehow they break and are easy to bypass, alert me quickly. I’ve also changed the gamemode here to adventure, so there’s a couple things I’ll have to update for that, including Skypirates and Antfarm code.

Multiworld Inventories

I’ve completely rewritten this and converted the old data. However, despite my best efforts, I may have missed something or there it may break in rare cases. 🙁 Alert me as quickly as possible if this happens, but ONLY for survival inventories. I currently do not save creative inventories in any way. All of this is backed up, though. Spawn eggs and potions have completely new data, so I had to convert them specifically. This is also why they’re broken in some minigames, but they should be fine in survival!


Vehicles are now client side and much more agreeable to ride, but this does present some new quirks. For now I’ve had to disable crossworld teleports until I can work out a new method.


A new outworld will be coming so that people can get all the new loots and even make it to the outworld end fortresses where elytra can be found. Please be patient about elytra. I will not be spawning them or making them any easier to achieve. For now I’ll be expanding the border on our main end world too, so there’ll be a few more places to get loot. And yes, you can respawn the end dragon in our main end world. You have permission.

For more details on what I’m doing, refer to this Trello card. I’ll be addressing things on that list and adding to it when reports come in.

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