State of the Server – November

This is now the longest period between the release of a Minecraft version and the first build of Craftbukkit to support it. Over 500,000 lines of code changes in 1.7 has made it exceedingly difficult for the Bukkit team to sort it all out. They don’t even have something that compiles yet. It’s not just the Bukkit team. As of now there is only one mod released for 1.7.2. Countless more are waiting for MCP. The rush to release 1.7 before Minecon certainly didn’t help matters. The Bukkit team warns that even when they get the first build out, they expect problems due to issues in Minecraft 1.7.2. But anticipation for 1.7 hasn’t stopped us from making stuff.

Notable Server Updates

While this list will naturally include more projects in which I’m involved, I’m going to attempt to summarize some notable updates across the whole server. Specifically these are some things that I think you should be aware of.

– Added support for “all” to the “/ignore” command.
– Added warp markers on the live map, automatically maintained by the warp commands.
– Updated YARR and PVP script. Compass will now target a dropped captain hat’s last known location. Fixed a few bugs.
– Updated FrogWare. Added a warp. Added a customizable goal (eg. “/frogware start 25”). Improved diversity and balance.

Game Plans for the Future

Yarr was a success. We found people really enjoyed the classes to pick from, so making more class-based games is going to be a higher priority for future PVP arenas. Here’s just a few of the games we have in the works:

– FFA class-based game with multiple arenas made by Froggerooh
– Add more classes to Yarr and improve the existing ones
– A few hunter type games with some variations, perhaps now with more classes
– More FrogWare stuff… always more FrogWare stuff. If MC had a kitchen sink, I’d add it.
– A SkyPirates variation by Raymond_II
– An AntFarm variation I’ve been planning on building
– What may be a Yarr variation by rivergod
– Multi-arena support for single game types
– Shared-arena support for two game types in the same space
– More spleef options, particularly modifier pickups like speed boosts
– Better timers for obstacle courses with more statistics
– A bigger and better Cluck
– “And more” is understating it

I’ve been too slow about supporting budding builders, and I think that needs to change. So I’m going to commit here right now to a future system that will enable everyone to get a space where they can build stuff for FrogPark too. This won’t be a free build plot system. While our main worlds offer a lot of freedom to build whatever you want, dev is not a traditional creative world. We may sometimes use it as a collaborative sketchpad for survival structures (like the new world’s thoroughfare), but we mainly use it for FrogPark creations.

Stay Tuned

Be sure to subscribe to this RSS if you want to stay up to date on what’s going on with the server. The vote here for the new 1.7 world name is still underway, submissions for the new 1.7 server icon are still being accepted, and soon I’ll post a list of ways you can participate more in the server.

18 comments on “State of the Server – November

  1. Scottyd_Utah

    Have you guys seen the Hide and seek team game? The hiders can take form of animals or other items. I will find the name and info on it but that looks like it would be fun if we could do it on FSMC.

    1. PseudoKnight Post author

      Ya, it’s like prop hunt. Unfortunately it requires DisguiseCraft, MobDisguisePVPControl and ProtocolLib. It’s version dependent and sometimes buggy. When we had it on for Halloween it was constantly making a mess of the player tab list. It’s also pretty intensive, as it uses player move events to track player locations and then teleport an entity every tick to their new location, as well as sending packets for head positions, canceling targeting, etc. Maybe we can have it on occasionally, like events, but I really don’t think it’d be wise to have it be a always-on plugin. Maybe I’m wrong.

  2. king_of_insanity

    On the topic of class-based PVP games, I am working on a create-a-class PVP game in my Dev plot. It will have several shops to buy armor, weapons, and other items with the points they are given, and a large arena.

      1. king_of_insanity

        Right now I just have the basic ideas and a very small test arena, but that sounds like a good idea. It’s at my plot in Dev, and the chests show the deals in the shops. This will probably require some programming and plugins, which I do not know how to do, but there could be things like potion effects or creeper airstrikes as killstreaks.

      2. king_of_insanity

        Also, at the moment I am thinking of using emeralds as points, and doing some villager shop type thing. However, if you know how to do some kind of in-inventory shop, that would be great. And weapons like the Flintlocks and Blunderbuss in Yarr could be useful too.

  3. PseudoKnight Post author

    The first dev build of Craftbukkit 1.7.2 is out. Progress! Now there is something to update to… that is if you want things to go horribly wrong. However, this means I can start working on the transition stuff.

        1. PseudoKnight Post author

          This is no longer the case. I found the alpha builds for DynMap. Apparently bukkitdev was denying the update for odd reasons. So only OpenInv won’t load on 1.7.2 at this point, not counting bugs and API gaps.

    1. PseudoKnight Post author

      Okay, I think we’re being held back by a security issue at this point. I’m not sure when this will be addressed. In the mean time other bugs are being fixed.

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