Server List Icon Contest

With 1.7 we’ll have the capability of putting an icon to the left of FinalScoreMC in the server list, as seen below.

So flex those creative muscles and open up your image editor. Submissions must be a 64×64 PNG image. You’ll have about a week to design it before we put them up for a vote, after which it’ll be our server icon for at least the duration of Minecraft 1.7. If the votes are tight, we might cycle through them. I’ll even throw in 500 coins to the winner(s), just because <3

14 comments on “Server List Icon Contest

    1. TriggerHappyNDB

      Took me a few tries to find an idea I was happy with, but here’s what I ended up with:

      Constructive criticism is of course totally welcome. I can tweak the background, add some small text (worried that may be cluttered, but still), whatever.

        1. TriggerHappyNDB

          Thanks for the feedback (and the background image) PK, I incorporated it here:

          I tried the center framing before and I’m still not sure how I feel about it. It goes either way, since either the shadow is cut off or the X isn’t centered… I can dig both solutions unless a better one comes along. I’d hate to lose my circle shadow lol.

          PS, looks like my avatar doesn’t register my skin because display IDs are case sensitive and I strangely entered it in lowercase… Would you mind tweaking that when you have a free second?

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