Minecraft 1.7.2

We has it.


This was the longest transition in our server’s history, but there was good reason. Mojang changed so much of the underlying code that it took the Bukkit team over a month just to be able to compile the first development build, less than a week ago. While it’s still under development, with bugs and missing support for new features, Craftbukkit is stable enough that I was able to safely update the server. (after a couple workarounds) We’re running the Spigot fork because of a particular commit regarding item frames. I was hoping mods like Optifine would arrive in time, but there’s no telling how long that’ll take. It’s likely we won’t see many mods at all for 1.7.2, as 1.7.3 is just around the corner. Fortunately for us, 1.7.3 clients can connect to 1.7.2 servers, so we won’t have to wait for that.

The big news for our server with 1.7 is the new world, but we’re holding off on that until another day — possibly Sunday — so that more people can participate. The world will be named Omega, barring any changes in the poll, and will likely have a major city named Theta. We plan to have a major thoroughfare straight through the center of the map that people can build along. Designs on that are in the works near dev spawn. In addition, I’ll be adding a 1.7 outworld, probably tomorrow, so that people can strip mine some stained clay. (please avoid that in Omega)

Please report any server-side bugs in the comments below so that I can address them. I expect things to break. We tested anything that we knew may be sensitive to the changes, but I’m sure we’ve missed something.

Hey, look.. you’re informed. I can sleep now.


We now have a lush new 1.7 terrain outworld where you can get all your 1.7 goodies. There is a mesa biome, I checked. Enjoy.

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  1. PseudoKnight Post author

    Sorry for the absence. I came down with something, and it’s limiting my ability to do things for the server. I’ve been updating software as needed, but not much beyond that.

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