Recent Updates Overview

Recently we got two new Moderators to help out.
TrulyAnnoying & Fredwaffles

So far they have been very good at their jobs. 🙂

Also, a welcome to all the new players from watching Frogpants TV.
There’s a list of updated groups and some additional things after the break.

Below are the current groups of (active) Staff and (shorter) names you can call them.

ScottyD_Utah (Scotty)
PseudoKnight (PK)
Nefyoni (Nef)
asdialed (asd)

TobyTobey (Tobey)
TrulyAnnoying (Truly)
Fredwaffles (Fred)

Gamma Spawn was moved to Gamma City. This was done mostly because the old gamma spawn didn’t look too good with several (in my opinion, ugly) cobblestone buildings. I tried a few times to make it look nicer and the current walkway there now was one such attempt. But also this way spawn is now near markets and they are easier to frequent. This has also allowed for a new improved Public Farm, with everything you need to get started on your own farms! And remember, it’s polite to replant.

Expansion is planned for Gamma City, a train station is one such plan. More houses and at least two more markets. For an idea, once everything is build the Spawn lot will be about center of the city. Future house lots will be offered to (active) Donors and then Regulars first, if you think you’re not in one of those groups and would like a lot you can be put on a waiting list, though nothing is guaranteed.

Frog Park has also had many additions recently. There are several new and recently functional PvP arenas where you can go have fun killing your friends. For more on that kind of progress you can go here in our forums.

Caption contests have taken place and there is currently one going on. Participation has been low so if this one does not see many entries it probably will not continue.

On a side note and just to get an idea of who’s interested: If you think you would be a good Moderator and want to help out on the server (and are at least age 21), go ahead an send me a private message explaining why.

That’s all for now, have a nice day.

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    1. Nefyoni Post author

      I understand that it is used a lot because of how easily accessible it is, but it is a rather ugly texture to have to look at for an entire building.

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