2 comments on “Caption Wrapup

  1. robotkarn04

    hey nef i was wondering if i could be a bulider i have alot of stuff i wanna create on the server and also i actually wanna do something for the server this server was the first one i ever played and its the best but i tried to donate to help the server but my parents dont like paypal so ya. now onto some stuff i wanna create i wanna create pixel art bulidings etc for the server and i just wanted to ask this ik youll probaly say no but its good i tried sincerly,robotkarn04

  2. Nefyoni Post author

    Robotkarn04, this is not the proper place to ask that question. It’s not even a recent post.. So many questions as to why you responded to this post..

    But if all you want to do is create pixel art, there’s nothing stopping you from doing that now. If you want to go into further detail or discuss this more, please send me a private message using this site.

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