Sky Race Saturday!

There will be a Sky Race Event on Saturday, March 24th @ 2pm Server Time.

We will be taking advantage of the new height limit. If you fall you will have more time to contemplate things before the inevitable death. Prizes have not yet been finalized, if there is a certain prize you would like to see please suggest it in the comments of this post.

Rules for Sky Race are:

  • Melon Slices = points
  • The person with the most points wins 1st Place
  • The person with the second most points wins 2nd Place
  • There is only a 3rd place if attendance is high
  • Come with empty inventory (Your Inventory will be cleared!)
  • Tools will be provided
  • Spleefing others is an acceptable tactic
  • If you die and drop your stuff, others can take it
  • DO NOT destroy the starting area (if you do you will not be allowed to play)
  • You acknowledge that you have read and understand these rules

Helpful Tips:

  • When/if you die, type /warp skyrace to get back
  • When/if you die there are chests available that contain dirt for building
  • If you find a fern you may turn it in for an alternate prize


8 comments on “Sky Race Saturday!

  1. Rivergod

    Prize Ideas

    ::::::::::::::::::LARGE PRIZES:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

    Mob Set (2 of every peaceful spawn eggs)

    Mayan/Egyptian Building Blocks (2 stacks of sandstone, 2 stacks of Sandstone slabs, 32 Stone circle blocks)

    Snowy Lands (32 snow layer blocks, 1 stack of snow blocks, 32 ice blocks)

    Some type of worldedit assist. (nothing too drasticor OP)

    A set of iron armour max enchanted out

    Some sort of bonus room where you have a set amount of time to gather within a small area? (glowstone, ores, stuff)

    Set of diamond tools with decent (not maxed enchants)

    Bonemeal for Enderdragon egg exclusive access for the winner for so much time

    Set of Records (ALL THE RECORDZ)

    Mobspawner of some type, (naturally found only), placed where ever you want.

    ::::::::::::SMALLER PRIZES::::::::::::::::

    Potions for various kinds


    32 cooked Steak

    Mob Egg (some type)

    Cocoa Beans

    1 stack of TNT

    Experience orbs

    The nether fixed….for a prize.

  2. Rivergod

    Also make it “Out of so many” rounds for the larger prizes say the combined of 3 rounds? or 5 rounds? because getting an awesome prize should take more effort than waiting for someone to die.

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