Final Score Minecraft 1.2.4 Update

Here\’s my modified changelog for all the things you should know about 1.2.4 on the FinalScore Minecraft server.

  • Chat is overhauled

    • You can now scroll through chat history
    • Up/down arrows go through previous inputs; useful for resending commands
    • Left/right arrows move text entry point
    • Copy & paste
    • You can start typing a command without pressing the chat key
    • You can click links in chat now
  • More blocks!

  • Other Notes

    • Cats will sit on chests, active furnaces, and beds, so you can\’t use them
    • Shift-F3 provides a debug screen without the annoying graph
    • Fixed falling off ledge corners while holding shift
    • Glass can again be picked up using Silk Touch enchanted tools
  • Notable plugin updates on the server recently

    • I\’m trying to save animals/golems from random suffocation deaths until fixed
    • We can change biomes, affecting grass/leaves color and precipitation type
    • We\’re now using a CartDispense plugin that CoderJ significantly reworked. When a dispenser with a cart in it is powered and there\’s a track in front of it, the dispenser will spawn a cart on the track. Also, if a cart bumps into a dispenser with an empty slot, it\’ll suck up the cart. This is to reduce the amount of idle carts on tracks, as well as being an easy method for people to store/launch carts. It\’s simple enough that you can do some new creative things with it. Thanks to CoderJ for fixing some big issues with the plugin.

Here\’s a more detailed changelog with all the boring stuff.

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