Final Score Minecraft 1.2.5 Update

Another day, another update. What\’s in store for us this time? A smooth transition, for one. Not only is the 1.2.5 client compatible with a 1.2.4 server, but they delayed the automatic update until almost a week after public release. This gave downstream developers additional time to update their mods and plugins. In the case of our server, Craftbukkit already had an update by the time 1.2.5 was pushed! I\’ll update it tonight, but you can update RIGHT NOW!

While the changelog is small and mostly fixes, here\’s the important stuff:

  • Minecraft 1.2.5 Changes
    • Added shift-clicking support in furnaces
    • Made the Direct Connect dialog remember the last IP for the current session
    • Cats are now less eager to sit on things and less patient
    • Punching TNT with a lighter will drop a TNT block (right-click will activate the TNT)
    • Fixed issues with links in chat
    • Fixed some ghost entities
    • Reduced farm animals from suffocating or escaping (Craftbukkit fix)
  • Plugin Updates
    • Eggs and snowballs now do a little damage to mobs (courtesy of CoderJ)
    • Dynmap now shows WorldBorder borders
    • Dynmap now shows warps (set by moderators; will be mostly used in Custom world)
    • Redstone now activates behind the button of Stargates only when the Stargate opens
    • \”/who\” now lists players by permission groups

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