Friday Night Sky Pirates

Highlights for our battles last night.

Bonus Clip #1: wwstone321 Sabotage
[youtube][/youtube]Music is ‘Geeks’ by Binarpilot

Bonus Clip #2: Infuryo Against the Flow
[youtube][/youtube]Music is ‘Requiem Mass: Dies Irae’ by Giuseppe Verdi

7 comments on “Friday Night Sky Pirates

  1. PseudoKnight

    That was Infuryo in the water column… he ended up winning that fight! (which I have a video of)

    On the close ship battle, I was too busy blowing up your ship to notice you were right on top of me. I just ran in with flint and tinder and lit the mast… then enjoyed the show…

    I’m going to upload a couple unedited clips. [edit: okay, a little edited.]

  2. wwstone321

    Wow, this was fun! Thanks PK, Scotty, and all others involved for the vision to do this and your time building/making it happen!

    Ike2b’s sabotage idea and he did most of the work. Thanks Ike, I am just sorry I couldn’t carry it all the way through without blowing myself up!

    5 v 5 was chaotic, but that made it more fun.

    Looking forward to the next Sky Pirates event…..

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