FinalScoreMC Anniversary Plans

So, it’s almost been a year since FinalScoreMC started. The date will be February 8th. Anyone have any good ideas on what we should do?

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  1. jaysoncopes

    Ugh… not fireworks. I kinda like that thing that you did with the X-Mas presents. Maybe if you wanted to do that. I’m thinking of a long day of non-stop Sky Pirates. Everybody is enjoying that, and if you could work hard on making that automated, it would be STINKING BEAST!! (Oh, sorry about pestering you on Sunday for it. 🙂 )

    1. PseudoKnight Post author

      I only did it Sunday because I told myself if we hit 20 players I’d do it. (we ended up hitting 21 for a short bit) I hadn’t slept the night before, so I was exhausted. Despite that, I never lost a round 😛

      I tried to automate it, but doing a paste on a delayed “thread” seems to corrupt the paste (temporarily until a restart). I might pull in another plugin to try to handle it proper. Or I’ll have to make two or three extra clickable signs just to reset the whole thing, assuming people can wait long enough between pastes. But it’s laggier than the spleef floor, so I wouldn’t want it running all the time, honestly. Though if we made the area more static and prevented buildling/destruction, we could use it as a simple pvp arena. (you know, between events)

      1. jaysoncopes

        That might be nice because then when you’re on, you can turn it into a battle again. That might be nice. I guess if we’re planning something cool, have another planned spleef tournament.

        1. jaysoncopes

          Also, if you don’t want people having practically unlimited iron swords, leather pants, gold helm and boots, and chain mail armor, then you might want to make it to where it deletes itself when you walk through the portal.

        1. jaysoncopes

          Haha dude I’m a Christian too. You need to capitalize Christian because it’s a type of person AND referring to a person of God. (; Haha dude, he was kidding.

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