This is not a protest against just SOPA. I want to make that clear.
This is about more than just one bill.

This is about SOPA, PIPA, DMCA, ICE and other machinations to give more control to copyright incumbents through excessive government enforcement, to in effect attack creative freedom on the internet and elsewhere.

I believe in compensation for creative works, but control does not equal compensation.
These bills go too far. They risk much for very few.

As always, educate yourself on these and other issues, but I hope you’ll stand with me, along with much of the internet today, against SOPA and its like.

– PseudoKnight

One comment on “SOPA Wat?

  1. Perotis

    Don’t forget about ACTA. It’s being implemented as a treaty and Obama is supposed to pass it by executive order so it does not have to be reviewd by the senate/house.

    If you are ACCUSED (not convicted) of illegal downloading you are banned from the internet for life, without any due-processs.

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