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    Sup ya’ll, its Shankomatic! My name is actually Mike, i am in college at 29 for the second time, the first time having run out of money. Minecraft has been a nice distraction from being unemployed for a year or so now. I have a number of large/silly/unnecessary projects I make because an idea tickles me and i figure why not such as:


    Battlestar Galactica

    OhYeah! (Aka the Koolaid man)

    Giant Melon, that makes melons

    Tradeville (all those villagers giving me their precious emeralds)

    Five Spider Grinder (Love them XP’s!)


    and about 10-15 more projects that i have thought out but aren’t made yet.

    Recently i have started dabbling with a small tekkit server for me and my friends, and figuring out how to mod so I can be GOD!

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    City Name: Atlantis
    Region: allyourbase
    World: Gamma
    Warp: -245,43,1897
    Owner(s): Shankomatic, Valacia, Brownie5445
    Members: Scarey23, Zachya11, Dengar9845, Farrundragon, jrome86, vidock87, Learchitect, Sharpdietu, Smada001, Mortiseraphim
    Notable Features: Markets, Temple, Planned Expansion, Housing

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    How about a big PVP match where a compass points to your target. Once you kill that person you get his compass and his target. Long as you make sure that you never are hunting the guy holding your compass until the very last one, it would make it rather exciting to hunt them down. Would at least be intresting =)

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    i wasnt thinkin so much sky pirates because that looked like everyone started with gear, i was thinking more minimalistic team based pirates.

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