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    A lot of players here group together with friends, and outside of regions there’s not many tools to facilitate that. We have enough people on the server where we need more than just one city (Final City) and other spawns as anchor points. Homes aren’t a proper group solution for that. So, for starters, each city will have a warp. I encourage each city to have a market as well. You can organize plots, or be more of a free build for members. City owners (mayors) will determine how each is ran. Once the cities are established, we can possibly build upon the concept and enable more features for cities (chat channels?). Basically, I want people to be able to build up their own “Final City” if they have that ambition — arenas, markets, homes, events, and common areas.

    So here you’ll be able to apply for registration for your city. I’m not sure on the exact player number requirement, but for now I’m only going to accept registrations for 6 total citizens or more. The actual requirement might be higher (or lower), depending on how things play out. I’ll be biased against non-active players, but they still count if they were involved at one point or have a home there. You’re just less likely to qualify as a city if a significant percentage of the players are inactive compared to other cities. Each player can only be a member of one city. I think this is required to prevent people from joining several proposed cities just to get more warps, but we might talk about it later. You can still qualify as a member of a city and still spend most of your time in one of your other homes. Too many people do this, so it’s really not an option to restrict that. Members of a city can choose to switch their membership to another city, which will probably happen with some of Final City members, but I’ll list them as such anyway.

    For registrations, if you could follow the below format, that would be helpful. (comments in parentheses are fine, I’m not that strict)

    City Name: Final City
    Region: finalcity
    World: Delta
    Warp: 104, 64.5, 162
    Owner(s): PseudoKnight, Scottyd_Utah, Nefyoni, asdialed
    Members: Maybeso68, Orthien, Duddy316, Polymo6, Trezion, Tobytobey, Susskins, gacorley, Safeeyes, Snydermahler, CoderJ, Encryptic
    Notable Features: Grand Central (Railway and Stargates), Library, Spleef Arena, Large Markets, “Event House”, Spawn

    If you want to discuss the details on how the city system works, please create another thread for it. This is just the registration thread and thus only concerns registrations.


    City name: What
    Region: fantastic5
    World: Gamma
    Warp: 1788, 64, -467
    Owner: ZXFEAR
    Members: G_Oakmen, TomCaruth, Madeleinejane, Plainlazywill, Nathanmac998, leiamoosey, EliteTristan, Emithal, sydneef
    Notable features: Small castle in the taiga biome, (we’re more of a small town with homes for each of us and a small market) and a “What” stargate on the central network.

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    City Name: Atlantis
    Region: allyourbase
    World: Gamma
    Warp: -245,43,1897
    Owner(s): Shankomatic, Valacia, Brownie5445
    Members: Scarey23, Zachya11, Dengar9845, Farrundragon, jrome86, vidock87, Learchitect, Sharpdietu, Smada001, Mortiseraphim
    Notable Features: Markets, Temple, Planned Expansion, Housing

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    City Name: Dale
    Region: Dale
    World: Delta
    Warp: -251,66,227
    Owner: Ike2b
    Members: DarkDragonRider4, jaysoncopes, logan, crazypixie216, Lendros
    Notable Features: Market, Planned Town Square, Large Wheat Farm, Free Storage, Blacksmith, Brewery, Pixel art of Link holding a Triforce, Planned railway from GCentral

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