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    So here is the idea with some modifications/suggestions
    Post a sign in a locked region, event house, something like that. The sign has a formula on it like A + B – C = X, D + E – F = Z, G – H = Y. Then have coordinates on other signs like A = (coordinate pair) and at that coord there is a sign that has the number A. Once you get all the coordinates it reveals a new location which has the actual treasure. Could be at the sky limit, could be at bedrock, would make it a adventure to find =).

    The math makes it a bit more tedious to work through so it would take a while, but you could also do just regular coordinates out there in the world so people gotta race to em. Tons of other variations on this concept such as making a small scale replica world and putting a big X in red wool on the spot, then reveal the map for the players on a viewing platform. Or UO style where you get a map of a section of like coastline with landmarks and you have to figure out where the pin is.


    We could use in-game maps. Personally I liked the weird puzzles more than the actual searching.


    I’ve been placing some chests with hints in the Events House when I can think of good ones.
    Recently have been inspired by PK to rhyme.
    I think that I’m going to widen the search area because so far I’ve just been doing in/slightly outside Final City and it’s difficult to find spots in a floating city that aren’t obvious.

    Coder J

    With puzzling rhymes,
    I find I keep losing my time;
    All this work for a block,
    made of some pressurized rock.

    Oh man, I actually did that. Shoot me. In the face. Please.


    Nooooo, it’s fun. 🙂


    Anybody want a peanut?

    Coder J


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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