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Let’s see, lots of stuff… All of it [Park] within like the last week or so:

-Expanded Winter area for future “adventure cave”
-Added desert biome paths to guide to more things
-Moved PvP Jungle Tree to fit in more
-Updated Coder’s Inferno to have Lore Pieces and fit into the growing story of Frog Park (recommend doing Coder’s Demise first, which has 4 lore pieces).
-Added a Trampoline (thanks to froggerooh)
-To get to said Trampoline you have to enter the secret Game Room
-Added secret Game Room
-Added game controller (xbox 360) then changed it to NES Controller to better suite it’s purpose (can you find it’s secret?)
-Moved KIDSPLASH!!! into the park (/warp kidsplash) A new course based on Sonickid76’s and others’ ideas.
-Plans to remove the Giant Chest & it’s secret from the park (find it whilst you can!)
-PK got Narrows CTF running, 6 player minimum
-Chicken’s Cake (near connect4) has better hint to help you get to it.
-Moved new Spleef arena into the park, though it is not yet finished.
-Froggerooh & asdialed have begun serious work on the “scavenger hunt”
-Added a “DOOOOM BUTTON” thanks to Froggerooh

I think that’s all of it.