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Sup ya’ll, its Shankomatic! My name is actually Mike, i am in college at 29 for the second time, the first time having run out of money. Minecraft has been a nice distraction from being unemployed for a year or so now. I have a number of large/silly/unnecessary projects I make because an idea tickles me and i figure why not such as:


Battlestar Galactica

OhYeah! (Aka the Koolaid man)

Giant Melon, that makes melons

Tradeville (all those villagers giving me their precious emeralds)

Five Spider Grinder (Love them XP’s!)


and about 10-15 more projects that i have thought out but aren’t made yet.

Recently i have started dabbling with a small tekkit server for me and my friends, and figuring out how to mod so I can be GOD!