Please note that where stargates use glowstone in the below example, modern stargates need sea lanterns.

To create a Stargate that can connect to any other Stargate, first you need to build the gate itself. There are currently two configurations: 5-block and 6-block wide.

Next you place a sign on the left obsidian block. On the first line type the name of the gate you’re creating. On the third line type the name of the network of gates you want to connect to.

Optionally you can type a specific gate on the network on the second line. This will make it so that the gate you’re creating ONLY goes to that gate, but requires no gate selection by users.

Now you have your gate. It’ll only work if there’s another gate on the network; or if you use the second line, that specific destination gate must be created.


On the fourth line of a Stargate sign, you can put any one of these letters for the following options:
– ‘H’ for hidden networked gate; Other people won’t see this gate on the network, but can dial out from it.
– ‘P’ for a private gate; Only you can dial out from this gate.
– ‘B’ is a backwards gate (You will come out the back)
– ‘S’ is for showing always-on gates in their destination list
– ‘N’ is for hiding the network name on the sign
– ‘A’ is an always-on gate and may be restricted at this time

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  1. PseudoKnight Post author

    That’s not gold ore. That’s glowstone. You can find it in the Nether or trade for some. (It also emits a light brighter than torches, which is part of the appeal of using that block.)

    1. PseudoKnight Post author

      There is no world limit on Stargates, but there is a limit (currently 16) on the number of Stargates on a Network. If it gives you an error telling you there’s too many Stargates on the Network, you MAY have specified too long of a Stargate or Network name. You can only use 11 characters on a name. I’m not sure why it gives you the incorrect error, but I might bring it up to the developer.

    1. fredwaffles

      I’m afraid I don’t understand what you are asking.

      If you are looking for stargates that lead to mob spawners there is one in Grand Central (/warp gcentral). It has grey wool and a sign by it saying it is for mob grinders.

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