Any server with more than a few players has (or should have) a permissions plugin. This manages who can do what on a server. Now there are a few decent permissions plugins to choose from right now: PermissionsBukkit, bPermissions, and PermissionsEx (GroupManager exists, but I avoid Essentials). Each seems to have its own strength and weaknesses, so why did I choose PermissionsBukkit?

Initially I chose it because it was compatible with MCMyAdmin and was a full SuperPerms plugin (as opposed to an older system used by the previously popular Permissions plugin). SuperPerms was a newish permissions system developed by the craftbukkit team to unify all permissions. Despite some negativity in the community regarding the method of SuperPerms, I knew it was the future and chose to adopt it so that I wouldn’t have to transition later. But would I choose PermissionsBukkit today?

PermissionsBukkit has a single config file, which is nicer (imo) than the several in bPermissions or PEX. I find it much less confusing to use than the alternatives. It also doesn’t change that often, as such it’s the longest running plugin on our server without an update. This makes it pretty stable, which can’t be said of PEX, even if it does have a ton more features. Still, it does feel forgotten and poorly documented, even if it is simple and solid. Also, if I could have my way, I’d probably split the users away in a different file from the groups. This would make text editing the documents just a little more easier. (it’s still heads and tails above bPermissions, imo) I would also add a couple more specific commands.

So, would I choose it again? I think so. I’m not a fan of the PEX developer and bPermissions seems more awkward to use despite its similar feature set.

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