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Server Support

First of all I would like to thank all those that have supported the server. It is awesome that it has been going on for this long. As some of you know that I back the server but with the help of supporters to cover the costs. I usually would cover the costs that were left over from support funds. I just recently tapped out the last of the support funds to pay for the server for the next 3 months. So I write in hopes to get help. Currently I am working part time and I am not going to be able to cover all the costs when it comes time to renew again in 3 months. I don’t play as much as I use to but I love our server and community. We have even outlasted the podcast where this server originated from. Anyway I hope you enjoy the server and if you can help support it, click the “Support Our┬áServer” link up above in the navigation menu.




Nerdtacular 2013

In less than 3 months Nerdtacular will be upon us. If you are planning on attending please let me know. I am compiling a list of all the minecrafters that are coming so we can have a little meetup. Last year we had a nice group and this year even more are coming. It should be a lot of fun. For those of you not going I will be posting pictures and videos during the event and after.


Minecrafters at Nerdtacular

For those of you that don’t know, Nerdtacular is a gathering of the Frogpants community here in Utah. People have come from all over the world to gather and meet people from the community. Today there will be panels, podcasts, entertainment etc. You can learn more of it at . Yesterday quite a few people got together to hang out before the event. I wanted to meet some of our Minecraft community so TobyTobey and I went up to the hotel where a lot of people are staying and we hung out. We meet up with Christian. Who came all the way from Sweden with his GF and Brothers. We also met Sandi and her husband Gotrek. And of course we ran into most of the Frogpants podcasters. Here are a few pictures from last night. I hope to have more later. In the Pictures below we have TobyTobey and myself, Sandi and GoTrek And then Cris and his crew.



Block Racing

Asdialed, Nefyoni, Rivergod, and myself decided it might be fun to put some prizes in the sky and have some races to see how fast and creativily people get to the blocks. There are 3 races. Each race evolved a little more.


More SkyPirates


Vid # 1


Vid # 2

A couple of the battles from the other night. I need to get my audio so I get everyone speaking. And I think I will do some videos where I don’t play. So to get both sides and more of the action.