State of the Server – March


Notable Changes

  • Added a new PVP game by froggerooh: Siege. Attackers must break through three special walls and kill the squid king before the time runs out. The game is still being balanced, but it can be played, ideally with 6 or more players.
  • Added a new course by Mnbvc222 and gothem8: Redstone. Find the now-not-so-secret entrance button next to the warp (and watch out for the killing floor!).
  • Added a new course by Nefyoni: 4steps. Each of four sections is a unique jumping challenge.
  • Added duel mode to Cluck, rebalanced the game, and reset the scores so players can get more coins.
  • Added time trials to a couple more courses and am now rewarding players who get a top time with 250 coins!
  • I’m making a more organized dev spawn area, currently with free build testing areas for structures, redstone, mobs, and fireworks. Anything built in these areas are subject to removal. Do not build anything permanent there.
  • Updated AntFarm to keep inventory on death. Any gear you get, you keep.
  • Updated FrogWare with a new task. Find out what it is!

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