State of the Server – January

New in Frog Park

  • CubeClimber mini-game
    • /warp cubeclimber | /cubeclimber
    • A minigame where the goal is to reach the top of a randomly generated block tower first. Blocks that you walk on will change to your randomly assigned color. You can break blocks of that same color.


  • DuckHunt PVP arena
    • /warp duckhunt
    • An asymmetrical game where a few hunters armed with bows shoot the many “ducks” as they jump their way around the arena to get to the hunter’s nest.


Other Changes

  • Updated to 1.7.2!
  • Enabled hopper minecarts
  • Now only restricts flint & steel in non-regioned areas
  • Added /colors command for reference
  • Added custom recipes and placement for logs with bark on all sides
  • Added a custom recipe for mossy cobblestone
  • Re-added mossy stone brick and circle stone brick recipes
  • Gave more permissions to players in Dev (eg. /gm, WorldEdit compass)
  • And many other fixes, optimizations, and small changes
  • nef

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