Updated to 1.6.2

Horses, hardened clay, carpets, and leads — these are what I would call the highlights of this update, but you can read the details over at the wiki’s version history. Here’s some things you should know about the new stuff on this server.

Updated information below as of August 15th.


Horses are per-world. You cannot move horses from one world to the next (except through alpha nether portals, I think). This limitation is true for all servers. If you find a horse in the outworld, please don’t ask me to move it. I can’t. They will spawn very slowly in plains biome. They can only spawn when there’s room left on the animal cap for that world, which includes loaded animals and villagers. (not hostile mobs, bats, or squid) We currently have horse ranches on Delta and Gamma with plenty of untamed horses to go around. You can share horses with specific players using “/share horses” (use “/unshare” to remove that share) or give a horse to another player using “/transfer horse “.


Normally saddles are found in dungeon chests or from villagers. If you don’t have a saddle and can’t find one, I have some in the coin shop. It’s cheaper than what you can get from villagers.


Like saddles, these cannot be crafted. They can only be found in new worlds, so you’ll have to search the outworld or outworld nether fortresses, which now have many loot chests.


They are not yet secured. Anyone can break them off of fence posts, and in fact they break on their own sometimes when chunks are loaded/unloaded. I’d recommend putting your horses in pens instead of just tying them to a fencepost. Only use leads tied to posts temporarily or to pull animals.


Don’t forget you have to sneak/shift to get out of them now. 😉

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