What’s New in 1.3.1

It\’s that time again. \”To punch trees and drink potions until we hug creepers in merry harmony?\” No no no… what?! No. It\’s time for my modified changelog! \”What\’s that?\” Why it\’s my very own LIST OF THINGS I THINK ARE IMPORTANT TO EVERYONE ON THIS SERVER IN REGARDS TO UPDATES IN MINECRAFT 1.3.1! You see, I waste my time digging through uninteresting changes so you don\’t have to.

Ouch!! Scotty beat me with his \”get to it, already\” stick, so I better get to it, already. Without further ado… best effort succinctness:

Minecraft 1.3.1 Changelog

New Blocks & Items

  • Book and Quill (editable until signed, up to 50 pages) 1 ink sac, 1 feather and 1 book
  • Cocoa beans grow on jungle trees
  • You can get emeralds from emerald ore, then combine 9 of them to make a fancy Emerald Block
  • Ender Chest, crafted by surrounding an eye of ender with 8 pieces of obsidian, stores a private chest for each player across all Ender Chests in all worlds (except custom). Unless mined using a Silk Touch-enchanted pickaxe, they drop 8 obsidian.
  • New Tripwire hooks (iron / stick / plank) that hold Tripwire (string) up to 40 blocks long that powers redstone when someone (or thing) walks through or breaks the wire. (can be cut with shears to avoid triggering)
  • Sandstone Stairs! Sandstone Stairs! Sandstone Stairs!
  • Wooden slabs and stairs for all wood types.
  • Two Golden Apples now, one with gold nuggets and one with gold blocks. (Regeneration IV, Resistance and Fire resistance)

New Features

  • You can trade with villagers, each profession offering different types of trades, using emeralds
  • Accepting the last trade will make the villager offer a new trade. Using one particular trade too many times will make him lose that trade.
  • Otherwise unobtainable bottles o\’ enchanting and chainmail armor can be obtained by trading.
  • Boats (and minecarts) will be placed if there\’s rails/water in front.
  • Instead of dispensing buckets, dispensers will now suck in or place water or lava in front of them.
  • Zombie pigmen can sometimes spawn in nether portals, but they\’re still passive.
  • Minecarts can be accelerated a bit while sitting in them and pushing forward.

Improved Features & Other Changes

  • Added chat formatting options
  • Coal, Lapis, Redstone, Diamond, and Emerald ores now give you exp orbs
  • Taking smelted items out of furnaces gives a small amount of experience
  • Destroying mob spawners gives experience now.
  • Takes less than half the experience to get max enchant level of 30 (previously 50)
  • Only 15 bookshelves are enough to reach level 30 for an enchantment table.
  • The 3rd slot almost always shows the maximum enchantment for that enchantment table.
  • New crafting recipe for books: 3 pieces of paper and one piece of leather
  • Removed the downwards knockback while drowning. (yay! I hated that.)
  • Added shift clicking support to armor slots, brewing stands & enchantment tables.
  • Slabs and stairs are placed upside-down when placed on the upper half of a block\’s side.
  • When placed upside down, rails, pressure plates, levers, doors, torches, redstone torches, repeaters, redstone dust and beds can be placed on them – Redstone dust behaves like on glowstone. Redstone torches don\’t power redstone placed on slabs/stairs above them.
  • Changed gravel texture (worse than before? didn\’t think that was possible)
  • Jungle leaves have a 1/200 chance to drop a cocoa bean
  • Levers can be placed on the underside of blocks now.
  • Cookies now give a full hunger point now.
  • Nether Warts can now be grown in the Overworld!
  • Empty buckets and signs stack up to 16 now!!
  • Crafting signs now gives 3 signs instead of 1.
  • Boats are not broken by lilypads anymore, boats break lilypads. At last, revenge! Oh, and did I mention they\’re faster and you can break them manually to get a boat back?


  • Apparently optimized performance, including lag spikes and the Nether
  • Made the chat asynchronous, so it won\’t lag with the server
  • Mobs can now spawn on top of upside down all slabs and stairs (watch out!)
  • Made entities less likely to glitch through blocks.
  • Stair hitbox adjusted so you can click past the indented part
  • To improve reliability, Pistons now take 2 redstone ticks to expand, so you may have to adjust repeaters
  • Fixed many sounds not playing.


  • Water slowly drips through them when it\’s raining.
  • Blocks other players are mining now show cracks!
  • Enchanted armor and tools now glow to other players… show off your bling!
  • Now with scarier Endermen


  • Delayed sound
  • Server and client performance problems
  • Sign text may be invisible (but it\’s still there)
  • Invisible blocks over the void

Man, Mojang… way to make it hard to be succinct! I can\’t believe the gall of those guys.
Giant list of the full changelog

As always, this is an early build, so bugs and performance issues are possible. Just be patient and I\’ll do what I can to workaround potential issues.

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