First we should look at why we needed a currency plugin in the first place. Since we use PhysicalShop to trade, there doesn’t seem to be a use for currency. However, we wanted a sort of arcade-style ticket system for our mini-game world to reward players (sounds fun!). Using a currency system that uses Vault means tons of plugins can hook into it, and then I can also manipulate each person’s account with CommandHelper. It keeps us flexible, whereas having it stored just in CommandHelper would mean no other plugins could interact with it.

Most currency plugins seem to be relatively similar, and since they all seem to tie into Vault (a currency API, allowing plugins to interact with all currency plugins without having to have custom code for each) it didn’t seem like a huge deal which one I chose. The most popular is iConomy, but I ultimately selected BOSEconomy since it seemed to have the best support at the time. However, it’s still a pretty trivial choice as long as it hooks into Vault. Some plugins allow you to customize how the currency is stored (how many decimals, mysql/file, etc), what they currency is called (in our case, “coins”), and maybe some help messages. Still, I don’t think you could go wrong with either BOSEconomy or iConomy. (and a few others that I can’t seem to remember)

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