Accidentally Upgraded?

Hey guys. Some of you may have accidentally upgraded to 1.3.1! Well, unfortunately the server isn’t quite ready for 1.3.1 – we’re still on 1.2.5. This means you won’t be able to get onto the server.

Here’s how you can downgrade your Minecraft client back to 1.2.5 (on Windows 7/Vista, then on OS X)

You will need to download this file.

Windows 7/Vista 

1. First, click on Start (that’ll look something like this)

2. Type %appdata% in the search field, like so.


3. Click on the Roaming folder. You should see a .minecraft folder


4. Enter the .minecraft folder, then go into the folder named bin

C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\" data-mce-src=

5. In the bin folder, you should see a minecraft.jar file


6. If you didn’t download the minecraft.jar file, click this link

7. Find the file you downloaded and replace the minecraft.jar file in your .minecraft folder with the one you downloaded. You can do this by moving the file into the folder and clicking ” Move and Replace”. (If you want to backup the existing minecraft.jar, just rename the existing file before moving in the 1.2.5 file)

replace minecraft.jar with your downloaded minecraft.jar

8. Run minecraft!

Note: some of you may not have access to these folders, in which case you may want to ask someone who would for help.

Instructions for OS X
1. Download minecraft.jar from this link.

2. Navigate to the Minecraft folder by opening Finder and selecting “Go to Folder…”
in finder, go to folder

3. Enter “~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/bin”
~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/bin

4. Rename Minecraft.jar to “Minecraft_1.3.1.jar”

5. Copy the downloaded Jar file
Copy downloaded file

6. Run minecraft

Thanks to Encryptic for OS X instructions!

Let one of us know if you have any issues with this guide. 🙂 Good luck!

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